LIFE: 1992 The Party at Webster Hall’s House Party; Q-Tip, Andre 3000, Jay Smith & More (3.15.14)

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151408Vashtie and DJ Huggy Bear

Last week we rocked our Webster Hall Thursday residency! Our friend Jay Smith aka Oulala Jay Smith of Black Rainbow Agency was in town from Paris and DJ’ed a set. Q-Tip came through and so did Andre 3000!!! I watched him walk in and then I bounced. Yeah, like “Why Vashtie? Why did you leave?!”. I have no idea, but I was tired. Anyways, I heard that Tip and 3 Stacks just kicked it in my room all night…Amazing!!!


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151403Oulala Jay Smith

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151405Jay Smith, Vashtie & DJ Huggy Bear

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151406Khalil (Livin’ Proof UK), James Rubin & Rachel


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151410Me and Q-Tip. He’s the best!


vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151412James Rubin, he’s the best!

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151413From time to time, the rooms empty out because the crowds move around from room to room. This is our room here, emptied out for a little while. At first glance, there is nothing to report here, but I took a deeper look that night and saw two preppy white dudes dancing with two hip black girls and it made my night. Not only is interracial grinding a rarity (in the United States at least), it is even rarer for different social groups (even of the same race) to integrate. I took a picture and told Oscar and he told me that apparently those preppy white boys tried to dance with some white girls and they stuck their hands up in their faces and said “Ewww. No!”. It made this moment even more special to me! I love it.

vashtie_1992housepartyNYC_5151414Get it!!! Yes!!!


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