LIFE: 3 Days In Paris x EuroStar Train from London to Paris x DJ’ing at Silencio Theatre & Wanderlust x Tourist Sightseeing

After my short and beloved trip to London, Sharmadean and I hopped on the EuroStar Train and headed to Paris. Can I just exclaim how utterly amazing it is that people can take a train between London and Paris in 2.5 hours?!?! I mean…can you even believe that?! I might take a backpacking trip across Europe. If I take a 2.5 train from New York City I only end up in a small town in the middle of nowhere! vashtie_paris_10_201301

Sharmadean and I had some good gossip sessions on the train until we both fell asleep. Our night before at London’s Casa Negra Playroom proved to be fun-filled and exhausting. As we arrived I took this picture of Sharmadean as she said “I bloody fucking hate Paris” and I busted out laughing!

I am still so bloody amazed.vashtie_paris_10_201303 vashtie_paris_10_201304 vashtie_paris_10_201305

Tom Brunet and Yoan Prat picked us up and brought us to our hotel…vashtie_paris_10_201307

We grabbed a very quick bite to eat. Of course it was outside. I find that Europeans sit out in the cold quite often, something I’m not used to coming from “The States”. It was fine though…my hunger trumped my coldness.vashtie_paris_10_201308 vashtie_paris_10_201309

Looky! My dearest darling friends from Moet sent personalized bottles of Moet Nectar Rose to my room!!! Ugh, so sweet.


They even invited me to their champagne making cave and you better believe I will be there and I will film and photograph whatever they allow me to so I can share it with you babes!vashtie_paris_10_201310

Inside Silencio Theatre and although we weren’t allowed to take pictures (clearly I thought that was open for interpretation), I took some.vashtie_paris_10_201311

DJ’ing on stage…vashtie_paris_10_201312


This place is gorgeous and it was designed by David Lynch. vashtie_paris_10_201315

My favoritest, JeanPaul Paula (right) with his adorable boo (left)vashtie_paris_10_201316

DJ Supavashtie_paris_10_201317

Yoan and Tom


DAY 2vashtie_paris_10_201320


I found a juice bar and I was in heaven. For about a year now, my diet has been 80% raw with a lot of green juices and every time I go to Europe I find myself in a difficult place. This time, I was so relieved to find fruits and vegetables in liquified form.vashtie_paris_10_201322

I went to the Eiffel Tower, but didn’t go up because the lines to get in were OD. vashtie_paris_10_201323

vashtie_paris_10_201324 vashtie_paris_10_201325 vashtie_paris_10_201326 vashtie_paris_10_201327

I stopped by to see my dear friend Stephane from Pigalle (Pain O Chokolat). He showed me his Duperre Basketball Court, in person. Seeing it online was incredible, but in real life it was amazing. So cool to see things being made for the community.vashtie_paris_10_201328


Stephane and basketball friends.


Stephane and Me 2013


Stephane and Me 2007vashtie_paris_10_201331

Awww <3


Later that night I did an interview on a show called Aline Au Pays De Marveilles for France O. It comes out in November and I wish I could see it, but chances are I won’t. Will my French friends record it for me and we can watch it when I’m back? Cimer! Bisous! 


They asked me hilarious questions and then took random screenshots from my social media and asked me to explain it to them. It was pretty funny. You sometimes forget what you post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter…vashtie_paris_10_201333vashtie_paris_10_201335 vashtie_paris_10_201336 vashtie_paris_10_201337

Afterwards, I was really hungry and my driver took me to 3 places I was told had Vegan food and they were closed (ugh, I hate that). Then he asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him Vegan/Vegetarian food and he asked if Lebanese would be fine. He said he was Lebanese and knew of a great spot. That man could have lured me into an alley to steal my kidneys and I still would have followed him. I was so hungry and the thought of hummus and baba ganoush began to rule my fantasies.vashtie_paris_10_201338

He didn’t steal anything and was quite kind to me. He walked into the spot with me to explain to his friends that owned the place, I was a girl in need.vashtie_paris_10_201339

There’s my driver! Nice dude 😉vashtie_paris_10_201340

Oh snap. 


After I ate, I fell asleep and woke up later than I was supposed to. I also woke up with one contact lens in my eye, which totally threw me off. I was already jetlagged and exhausted, but now I was off balance and barely able to see. On top of it, I had to DJ outside (in the cold) and was only supposed to play Jay-Z and Rockafella. I did my best…but can’t really recall how the night went.


This totally made my night. I met so many cool folks and this girls translated question via iPhone was so cute.vashtie_paris_10_201342

There were some peeps from Brooklyn there, studying abroad! You go!vashtie_paris_10_201343

Jessica and Clementvashtie_paris_10_201344


DJ Baba Flex killing it!


DAY 3vashtie_paris_10_201346

I stopped at Nike Paris for a France jersey and they hooked me up with some nice thangs. It was very nice of them!



Curtis Kulig outside of Nike.vashtie_paris_10_201349

Just some foreign currency…Pounds and Euros.

When I was little and we used food stamps from time to time, I would say it was foreign money…haha. 


Until next time London and Paris! I will miss you, but I plan on seeing you sooner than you think!!!

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