LIFE: 4 Days in London x Lunch at Pizza East x Supreme London Visit with Grace Ladoja & Friends (Day 1 & 2 of 4)

I still can’t believe it has been 10 years since I was last in London. Actually, I can believe it because I only travel for work – which is something I hope to change, but as a Taurus I can’t promise anything. When I first traveled to Europe, London was my least favorite place of all…and I’ll explain why. Growing up in “The States”, I had grand daydreams of Europe being so foreign and different. When I first came to London I had expectations of it being so different and weird, but it felt like New York. So – it wasn’t that I disliked it for any reason…I just had expectations of it being super foreign. Although it feels like New York, it also feels very different. This time around I really got to take in the culture, even though I was only there for 4 days. Here is a portion of my first 2 days…London_10_201301



The Smiths, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Sade and King Krule were on HEAVY ROTATION!London_10_201303

Oh nice, look at death in living form. #EffConcealerLondon_10_201304

On the plane, I watched a FASCINATING documentary on David Bowie. There was SO much I didn’t know about him. For example, he took on a different character every time he came out with a new album and they were all different from each other. I also saw that when he recorded “Young Americans”, one of his backup singers as a young and darling Luther Vandross. I love me some Luther.London_10_201305



Business Class on an International Flight is incoryable! I laid flat and slept the whole way. The guy next to me was a bit weird, but I was not studdin’ him. Also, I had a really sweet flight attendant.London_10_201307

Thas Me!London_10_201308

My hotel room was not ready, so I took some jet-laggy self portraits.London_10_201309




Lonely Hotel Rooms are fun and then lonely…and in Europe they are always too cold for me. I waited around to meet up with my New York friends Shaniqwa and Angelo who also planned a trip to London and Paris – the same dates I was there! What luck…or bad luck if you know what trouble we are as a threesome.




The taxi’s are old school like they are in those old British movies. It felt like Harry Potter or something…even though I’ve never seen one Harry Potter film.London_10_201314

Lunch at Pizza East with Angelo and Shaniqwa’s Lovely Friends!London_10_201315





Angelo teaching this adorable lad naughty hand gestures.London_10_201319







Grace Ladoja! I missed this babe!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.58.05 AM

Young Americans (in London) via my INSTAGRAMLondon_10_201325

Supreme Employee. He looks like a British gentleman version of the boys we have at the New York shop  London_10_201326

Supreme London – Mark Gonzalez ArtworkLondon_10_201327



Vegan & Raw Snacks? Yes please! London_10_201329

Room Service, vegan style!London_10_201330

Solomon, Blondie and TremaineLondon_10_201332

Oooh, and a live drag queen show with the windows wide open so I can peer through. I am so nosey!London_10_201331I’ll share the rest of my London trip tomorrow you wankers.

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