life: a case of BIRTHDAY CAKE imitating BIRTHDAY CAKE…

last night was a super small and intimate gathering of folks to celebrate KANYE’S BIRTHDAY in NEW YORK CITY. it was a fun and wild time. when it came to cake time, i was struck by a stunning 3D model of…

a sneaker in cake form…AIR YEEZY to be exact.

*pictures via DRAKE’S BLOG, who was also there.

it reminded me of something i’ve seen before. oh yes, MY OWN BIRTHDAY CAKE back in APRIL.

anyways – HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANYE…since it was a short notice invite, i gave him stuff that i had at home:
+ a pack of YO!MTV RAP CARDS
+ a fake mustache unused and PIRATE STYLE
+ a DEE & RICKY cigarette

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