LIFE: A Quick History Of Hood By Air + HBA F/W 2013 x Boy Child, Genevieve Jones, Aaron Bondaroff (2.10.13)

Hood By Air Show at Santos 2009

A couple days ago someone asked me if I knew the Hood By Air dudes. I almost retorted as brash as a Valley Girl…”OMG. Um, Hello?! I’ve known Shayne Oliver for the past 10 years. He used to teach me how to vogue in my apartment!”. I’ve been blogging about Hood By Air since I started blogging. It’s incredible to see how much they’ve blown up. To some, it might seem like they came out of nowhere – but, Shayne Oliver (a fellow Trini) has been grinding for the past 10 years that I’ve known him and probably for the years that I didn’t know him.

Raul Lopez (formerly of Hood By Air, now has his own label Luar Zepol), Shayne Oliver (Hood By Air), Anthony Hendrickson (Third New York) and Vashtie (Violette, boo ya) New York City 2006


I even started the very popular Hood By Air TV…starring Shayne Oliver and Raul Lopez (who has started his own avant-garde label, Luar Zepol). The show definitely needs a comeback! Anyways, I’m so so so happy for Shayne and Hood By Air. To see them blowing up and having the world take notice maks me feel all warm inside. They’ve come a long way! Check out the episodes!!!


Genevieve Jones and Crew! She told me to sit on her lap and I was so afraid I’b break her!

Boy Child gave a great performance and walk…

Aaron Bondaroff aka Downtown Don and Oscar 1992



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