LIFE: A Weekend In Paris x DJ’ing Kenzo’s AfterParty at Balajo x Lady Miss Kier x Fun at Le Pompon & More!!!

Selecting at Le Pompon, Paris 3/2013

It has been so long that I have blogged. I got busy like we all have, but then I got called away to work in Paris (which you are about to read about) and then I got sick when I got returned. I was blindsided with the flu! Today is the first day I’ve felt somewhat normal and so…Vashtie has returned to her .Com. Are you with me?

A couple weeks ago my old friend Nadege Winter from Paris reached out asking if I was available to play music for the Kenzo afterparty during Paris Fashion Week. I was more than down! As some of you may already know, Paris is probably the only other city I could ever live in outside of New York…and I base that solely on the handful of short trips I’ve spent there and my love for French New Wave Cinema (don’t judge me).

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I met Nadege in 2004 and was reunited with her when Oscar and I did 1992 in Paris at the end of 2007. She was one of the guest DJ’s that our friends Pain O Chokolat had booked for our Paris/Amsterdam dates…POC has now gone on to do bigger and better things; Pigalle, Le Pompon. Nadege has also continued making strides and now has her own agency, Nadege Winter Agency, which is adorably nicknamed NWA.

It’s amazing how much has changed in just 6 years. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to revisit Paris…


The Louvre

Shame I’ve never been there. Double shame that it was the first Sunday of the month and admission was free. I had so much to do and only had time to get equipment from the Apple Store. Took a couple picks though…

Wolford Tights.

Ladies, if another lady friend hasn’t told you about these gems then it’s time you know. My friend Cristina Vallecilla put me on years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Basically this lingerie/hosiery company has super soft products that will live for years…run-free. They are pricey, but when you consider how long they will last – it’s worth it. I also wear these Merino tights under jeans during the winter for an extra layer of warmth. These were cheaper to buy in Paris…score!

On our way to the our friends club, Le Pompon. I forget this beauteous things name. Feel free to add below.

We ran into our darling London babe friend Irene!



Some of the clothes that Kenzo let us borrow for the show and the afterparty. I had some decisions to make…

Later that evening I played selector alongside DJ Lucas Tutus at Le Pompon

Lucas Tutus and Deirdre Maloney (Capsule)

Me, Deirdre & Ty

Jay Strut, Natalie Levy and Me.

Best virgin drink I ever did have…look, I can’t drink on the job.

Ben Detrick & Natalie Levy.

Basically everyone I knew in New York was in Paris for Fashion Week.

My dear Charaf Tajer

Stephane Ashpool! He’s a super sweetheart!

…and Stephane and I in 2007 (Patta Store, Amsterdam).

I met a nice young lady who follows my work. When taking a cell phone selfie didn’t work, I offered a blog picture post! Nice meeting you darling!

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My Kenzo head to toe look for the runway show…



After the 10 am morning show, we headed back to our hotel rooms and tried to nap. My jetlag mixed with the guilt of trying to nap while in Paris would not let me rest. My friend Tom Brunet planned on scooping me via scooter. It was a good thing I was so dazed from lack of sleep, otherwise I might not have agreed to the ride. He assured me that it’s the way most Parisians travel and although I was scared for dear life – it turned out to be the best and only way I could have seen Paris the way I did.

There was so much I had never seen of the city before, I fell in love over and over again. Tom took me to meet with our mutual friends Valentina and Alex Sossah in the Marais. It was a really nice time…



via VMAGAZINE: Oscar & Vashtie at the Kenzo Afterparty, Paris 3.3.13

Nadege Winter & Vashtie

Yara Flinn swarmed by Parisian Men, Tom Brunet & Friend

Capsule Crew!

Valerie Von Prisk, Tyann Jackson & O.

Robyn & Me.

I love Robyn and her music so much. She’s the tiniest and sweetest thing in person.

Carol Lim & Me.

Carol and Humberto do so many incredible things! They totally inspire me!

Oscar and Humberto Leon.

I loved my shoes for the evening…although I didn’t dance much in them.


Technically those 2 bottles were mine and I only got one glass. It’s ok, because I don’t think I could have finished all 3 bottles myself. Well, I could have…it just wouldn’t have ended pretty.

Solange Knowles came through after her show, which I heard was amazing.

Mixed-ed Girls…

Lady Miss Kier!!! I could have thrown up upon seeing her. She’s so exciting and incredible! I love her.


Phewwww! That was a lot of blogging after a lot of non-blogging. My head hurts now, are you happy? Just kidding, but it does hurt – it’s just not your fault, pumpkin.


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