LIFE: Attending Rihanna’s Diamond Ball – 3 Days in LA


I was flown out to attend Rihanna’s lovely Diamond Ball affair by my family at Puma (more to come on that soon). LA is famously not one of my favorite places, but the weather, food and friends made up for it…a little. Check out my trip…

vashtie_diamondball_201402 vashtie_diamondball_201403 vashtie_diamondball_201404

Miss Tai Lotson came along to glam me up for the charity affair.vashtie_diamondball_201405 vashtie_diamondball_201406 vashtie_diamondball_201407 vashtie_diamondball_201408 vashtie_diamondball_201409

Leather Thigh straps courtesy of Zana Bayne.


Dress from Reformation.

vashtie_diamondball_201411 vashtie_diamondball_201412

Maurice Slade on the 1’s and 2’s.


Jacky Tang!



Adrienne Baillon, Fabolous, Vashtie




Chris Stamp of Stampd LA


The night ended after Jimmy Kimmel hosted and Brad Piit introduced Rihanna for a full performance…


The next night, Friday 12.12, I met up with my friend Daniel for dinner and coffee at Urth Cafe. Then went to visit my friends for their Union Holiday Party. It was turnt.


Daniel Sturridge.

vashtie_diamondball_2014_2 vashtie_diamondball_2014_3


Beth Gibbs, Shaniqwa Jarvis and Me.


Sean Lyles and Me!

vashtie_diamondball_201421 vashtie_diamondball_201422 vashtie_diamondball_201423

Beth and Chris Gibbs getting their groove on.

vashtie_diamondball_201424 vashtie_diamondball_201425

Chris Stamp, Sky Gellatly, Shayan

Later that night I met up with these fellas for drinks at Soho House, where I sipped on a delicious virgin Mojito.


Saturday 12.13, I did a little window shopping before taking the red eye back to NYC.

vashtie_diamondball_201426 vashtie_diamondball_201427

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