LIFE: Christmas Gifting Myself New Gold Jewels

As you know, your girl loves loves loves gold.

From the all gold G-Shock I designed…

To the all gold Puma sneakers…if it can be dipped in gold, you best believe I’m going to do it.

And as you know, I wear a lot of gold jewelry…I’m like Mr. T…no lie. But, recently, one of my dearly coveted gold chains with many-a-New York-charms was lost.



I roll my eyes just thinking about it. So, needless to say…it needed to be replaced and well, what better time than this passing Christmas to gift myself something special.

Is you ready?!

image image


My hands are ashy. It’s my signature, don’t judge me!

image image image You remember this guy, Vladimir The Fraidy Cat? He started DJ’ing like his mom dukes!image image imageBetter pictures via my INSTAGRAM coming soon-ish! Happy New Year!

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