LIFE: Dinner with Robin & Richard Goldberg at Peasant – Learning Barolo

vashtie_peasant_goldberg_141509My dear friends Robin and Richard Goldberg have treated me like a daughter since I met them back in 2005. To be fair, I be-friended them through their son – young Alex Goldberg, whom I stumbled upon in Soho around the age of 11. He was a sassy, smart-mouthed kid that I took under my wig. I even got him a gig at my then job, Nike ID. As the years went by, I’ve really only gotten to be better friends with his parents…funny how that works out


Last night they took me to a swell dinner at one of their favorite places, Peasant. Richard is a wine consultant that specializes in the grape from Piedmonte Italy, over the years he’s given me lots of information on the topic and tonight was no exception. It’s all so fascinating!


Barolo is especially interesting because it needs a long time before it’s ready to open, years and years…It’s complex…like me.vashtie_peasant_goldberg_141504

Di Palo is a local Italian joint that makes amazing products and foods, like this amazing cheese spread.


Vegetable Salad!

Arata Fish, Grilled.

vashtie_peasant_goldberg_141507Richard kindly de-boned my fish!

vashtie_peasant_goldberg_141508Cheesecake I could not eat, but the owner gave me some amazing figs to eat.


I love them!

If you are ever in New York City looking for a legit  and delicious Italian restaurant, come to Peasant!

Because lord knows that most, if not all, of those spots in Little Italy are not legit anymore!

194 Elizabeth St. New York NY, 10012 (212)965-9511. 

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