LIFE: DJ’ing for Chloe in Miami x Straight to Paris for FW 1.15

vashtie_parisFW_12115011Okay, so this post is super late. Although this is from January 2015, I did still want to share it. My trip begins in New York and took me to Miami to DJ the Chloe Coral Gables store. I landed on a perfect Miami day; went to the hotel for a drink with Arnaud and my Chloe family and then to the store…later, we had dinner at The St. Regis. It was a fun day and night before taking off to Paris…


vashtie_parisFW_12115003 vashtie_parisFW_12115002 vashtie_parisFW_12115006 vashtie_parisFW_12115005 vashtie_parisFW_12115004

Arnaud and my Chloe family!
vashtie_parisFW_12115010 vashtie_parisFW_12115009 vashtie_parisFW_12115008


Me and Arnaud.

Had a nice time DJ’ing for the Chloe patrons. Afterwards, it was a nice dinner at St. Regis 
vashtie_parisFW_12115013 vashtie_parisFW_12115014vashtie_parisFW_12115012

After Miami, I headed straight to New York to catch a flight to Paris – my home away from home! Just in time for Paris Fashion Week.
vashtie_parisFW_12115023vashtie_parisFW_12115022 vashtie_parisFW_12115024

I totally chanced it and took a ride by a moped taxi. I could have been kidnapped like in the movie “Taken”, but wasn’t. Thank goodness.


As soon as I landed, I do what I always do when I go to Paris now…I get flowers, wine and fruit for my room. It makes it nice and cozy!



My dear friend Alex Sossah invited me to his homegirls house for a catered dinner. It was insane. Not only was her place gorgeous, it was filled with amazing and interesting art…vashtie_parisFW_12115038

See! What I told you?!
vashtie_parisFW_12115035 vashtie_parisFW_12115034

They made me a special salad. It was delicious.vashtie_parisFW_12115033
vashtie_parisFW_12115031 vashtie_parisFW_12115030


Afterwards, we met the gang at Hotel Amour.
vashtie_parisFW_12115042 vashtie_parisFW_12115041 vashtie_parisFW_12115040

Stephane Ashpool and Me.


Later, we ended the evening at La Noche. A night of drinks and dancing!


vashtie_parisFW_12115049Alex Sossah and Liam going off!
vashtie_parisFW_12115048 vashtie_parisFW_12115047 vashtie_parisFW_12115046 vashtie_parisFW_12115045Mr. Wix and Hami 

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