LIFE: This International Playboy DJ’ed For PlayBoy!


IMG_3878Whoa. If you read my last post on the TOP 10 FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW (or probably didn’t know) ABOUT PLAYBOY, you may have found some revolutionary facts! In general, the magazine has done some incredible things and as a brand they continue to collaborate with other solid entities; ie: Supreme, Fleur De Mal, etc. You all know how much I love them!

Style Opener- Sept. 2014

*September 2014 Issue of Cosmopolitan! 


Last night I had to the honor of DJ’ing for their office right before skipping off to spin at Webster Hall. Aye!


Dressed in Playboy x Fleur De Mal Linger Collection with Saint Laurent Coated Denim and Saint Laurent Boots

IMG_3802 IMG_3813

Thanks to Angela Soto, my hair was on flee!IMG_3869 IMG_3873 IMG_3878

Makeup by Tai Lotson was also flames. IMG_3949

I loved my outfit and even courageously wore it out to Webster!

IMG_4063 IMG_4078
IMG_4112 IMG_4134 IMG_4173 IMG_4213

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