LIFE: DJ’ing For Snark Park & American Express at Hudson Yards (3.15.19)

Special shoutout to Daniel Arsham, the Snarkitecture Gang and American Express for having me DJ their celebratory private dinner for Snark Park at the newly debuted Hudson Yards.

If you haven’t heard about Hudson Yards, it is the nation’s largest private real estate development (by square footage) – and it is a massive visual spectacle, intended for shopping, sightseeing and events. It reminds me of a super villains private estate, but it’s cool…see below…

Anyways, the 70 person seated dinner was held in a model apartment of the new location – and it was the largest Manhattan residential space I have ever been in! The views were astounding! You could see all of Manhattan from West to East, all the way downtown! The dinner was beautifully stark (or “snark”, ha) white catered by Momofuku and sat regular American Express Platinum Card holders to Nigo, Nick Jonas and more.

Mike Deleasa, Vashtie Kola, Joe Jonas

Mike Deleasa, Vashtie Kola, Joe Jonas

Vashtie Kola, Poggy

I decided to ear an all white jumpsuit and white Timberlands. Everyone thought it was the uniform the workers wore at the museum, but it was actually designer Amazon Prime. Hahaha.

Vashtie Kola

Vashtie Kola

I even got to see Nigo!

Haven’t seen him since 2014…

*I guess I like folding my arms, jeez.

And before that time, I hadn’t seen him since 2005! Time flies.

Grace Mahary and Joe Grun stopped by to say hello!

Here are some photos that me and Edwin Ortiz Jr. took…

Daniel is the sweetest! He and his wife were so lovely and it was an honor to work with them! Can’t wait to check out Snark Park!

Daniel Arsham, Vashtie Kola

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