LIFE: DJ’ing for Rakuten at Owen NYC – Hanging with Nike International Friends Alex Sossah & More! (10.21.14)

Well, I’ve been very busy lately. I’ve been doing a lot of DJ’ing and Creative Directing work…once I can unveil the Creative Directing and Designing things, I know you will love it. Or maybe just like it…or maybe not care. Who knows. Anyways, I DJ’ed for RAKUTEN the other night at OWEN NYC and then went to meet my friend ALEX SOSSAH at THE SMILE in town with many many international heads for a massive NIKE WOMEN’S event.vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_20141vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_20142

++++++++++vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_20143vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_2014_1Tan Gillies from London. Camden to be exact.

vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_20144 vashtie_RAKUTEN_10_20146Mon amour, Alex Sossah from Paris.

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