LIFE: Hennessy Privilege Awards Honor Carmelo Anthony x Griffin NYC x Spike Lee, JR Smith, Fabolous and More (8.21.13)


If you want to see a classy shindig, attend anything Hennessy affiliated. Every time I am invited to some splendid LVMH event, I am also overwhelmed by the utmost chicness and best dressed people in the Greater New York area. So…when I got the invite from Hennessy that they would be honoring Carmelo Anthony (New York Knick) for their 10th Anniversary Privilege Awards, I (lover of all things New York, especially The Knicks), was absolutely going to attend.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.57.49 AM

When I was told the affair would be “Black Tie”, I froze and did what any over-thinking weirdo would do…I got myself worked up in a stressed frenzy and over dressed. Thanks to Reformation for the Dress, Anna Sheffield for the Jewelry and Illy for the Hair.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201301Legendary Damon & Me.

He said “I love to see you dressed in drag”. I told him I tucked just for him (I know, TMI…sorry).

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201302Scott Williams aka “Young Scoozle” aka “Past Tense”, Charles Barkley, Heron Preston and Aura

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201303Hair by Illy (Illy Lussiano)

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201304Scott Williams in a Marc Jacobs Suit. Mhmmm. Fancy Pants…and vest and jacket.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201305Maxwell Osbourne and Scott Williams aka Young Scoozle

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201306Coltrane Curtis, Levi Maestro and Me.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201308Mack Wilds (aka Tristan Wilds) and Mack Daddy.

vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201307DJ Huggy Bear and Me

(DJ Clue photobombing…)



Congrats to Melo. I was hoping to meet Lala and take a photo with her…after all, she follows me on Instagram and I follow her so if we are cyber friends then that makes us acquaintances in real life…right? 


The End…vashtie_hennessy_privilegeawards_201311Here I am looking cold.

Finally. The End.

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