LIFE: #LoveForLeni Silent Art Auction Benefit at Reed Space NYC (10.8.13)

On Tuesday night, we all gathered at Reed Space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to raise money for 5 month old Baby Leni. Baby Leni was born with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AML-M7), a rare form of pediatric bone marrow cancer.  It represents approximately 1% of all leukemias during childhood & has an incidence of 0.5% per million per year. I’ve known her amazing and lovely young parents Jerry and Amanda for over 10 years now and watched them grow as a loving couple (adorably nicknamed “Jemanda”) into a trio when their first daughter Mae was born and now into a quartet with Miss Leni.



Me and Elle, Reed Space NYC 10.8.13

The news is heartbreaking, yes…BUT…you can help. If you remember a few years back I blogged about Jasmina who was also battling a rare form of bone marrow cancer. I went to a drive, got my inner cheek swabbed and now I am in the database for anyone that matches me and needs a bone marrow donor. Voila. Easy! Unfortunately, Jasmina never found a match and at 6 years old she passed.

So, I encourage you to please check LOVEFORLENI.COM and SWABACHEEK.ORG to find how you might be able to help Leni or another person who needs your help. You could save a life! How amazing would that be?! I’ll keep everyone posted on the happenings for Leni here on the East Coast, so hopefully you can come out and support.

vashtie_loveforleni1Jerry, Amanda and Mae.

vashtie_loveforleni2There was lots of good art that all kinds of artists (including me) donated so that the proceeds would go to Leni and an upcoming surgery she needs.


vashtie_loveforleni4DJ Huggy Bear was spinning!


vashtie_loveforleni6Jeff Staple and Kimou Meyer

vashtie_loveforleni_1I bid on this piece, but I know I lost it 🙁

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