life: my fairy god-daughter AMAYA visits me…

it’s been so long since i’ve been able to squeeze the life out of a cute kid, and boy did i miss it. LUZ and little miss AMAYA came out to visit NYC with family and i got to see them briefly. Last time i saw AMAYA it was damn near a year ago, check this post! She was a teeny baby last time i saw her and she could barely sit up, now she was strutting and flirting with everyone – she takes after me!

*i got her a cute little stuffed animal.

*she loved it…

*we took a walk and she kept stopping to model, maybe she knew i had 3 cameras in my bag.

*i wanted to bite her cheeks off she was too sweet.

*i miss her already. i’m going to have to just visit her in San Francisco soon!

look how tiny she was back in APRIL 2008. oh baby!

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