LIFE: My Feature In The Carmelo Anthony + Brand Jordan “Playing For The City That Made Me: Episode 3” (Dir. Niles Roth)

When I got the call asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a CARMELO ANTHONY x JORDAN web documentary, what do YOU think I said – asks the girl who is obsessed with Jordans and a super fan of The New York Knicks?!

I mean, who in their right mind could turn that down? I guess a non-Melo or non-Knicks fan would, but a non fan of those two is just silly and incomprehensible.

When the interview came close, I got super anxious and nervous. I mean…I’d be featured among incredible folks like Bernard King, Nas, Spike Lee, etc. Not only was this an opportunity of a lifetime, but I am not a Native New Yorker – so the honor was even more massive and I had to come correct.

The latest and last installment of “Playing For The City That Made Me: Episode 3” is finally out and although my interview was cut and I am crying on the inside (and a little on the outside), I am still honored to be featured in a piece like this- let alone considered!!!

Special thanks to Director Niles Roth, Greenpoint Pictures, Wieden + Kennedy, Carmelo and Brand Jordan! GO KNICKS!!!

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