LIFE: My Long Overdue Vacation back to Goldeneye Jamaica


Some of you may remember when I DJ’ed last year in Jamaica for NYE at the islands coveted Goldeneye Resort (Peep HERE). Once a home to Ian Fleming, author of the 007 Series, and now property of Chris Blackwell (longtime friend of Bob Marley and Founder of Island Records)…this resort might be the nicest one in the world!

IMG_4444Not only was I lucky enough to DJ for them last year, but they invited me back! This place is perfection and a literal serene vacation. No obscene loud music or drunk college kids, but rather – an absolute peaceful getaway. It is on the pricey side, but your money will find you a villa on the beach (what I had) or with a lagoon as your front yard.

IMG_4440This year was a great and prosperous one, but I was SUPER exhausted. I mean, I was literally hanging on by a thread. I hate missing work, but on the same hand – I hate missing a good deal, which is why I made sure to make this vacation happen. Check it out.


Montego Bay Airport has a service (100$ fee) to speed you through customs and seat you in their VIP LOUNGE for strong rum punch drinks while your car service is organized. IMG_4400IMG_4406

I brought my sister. It was her birthday. We had a nice dinner when we arrived at the Gazebo.


This star app is everything.


I read 3 books and as a non-reader I once said “I’d pick up a gun before I’d pick up a book”…


Coffee and Fruit. Breakfast of vegan champs…IMG_4410 IMG_4411 IMG_4413 IMG_4412
IMG_4415I lost my Supreme glasses in this water…

My sister dove in and saved them!

IMG_4419 IMG_4420

As a workaholic. It took everything inside me not to actually work. Even social media is another job for me, but I actually put my phone down for 4 days…IMG_4421

IMG_4426 IMG_4430

I also didn’t want to do any “shoots” while I was there (everywhere I go there just seems to be a photo opp), but my sister insisted and turns out – she was right. I got some nice flicks.IMG_4431 IMG_4432

I stopped by to see my bae’s tree…


A cool abandoned hotel on the beach.


I even got to set baby turtles out to sea, thanks to a man named Mel Tennant who protects and preserves Jamaicas turtle population. Every year these baby hatchlings are born and they need help being rinsed so their eyes can see clearly, then they need to be placed close to the ocean so they can walk into their water life.IMG_4434

This is them covered in sand and sort of blind because the sand is covering their eyes.IMG_4435 IMG_4436 All rinsed and clean! You can read more about Mel aka Turtle Man here:

IMG_4442 IMG_4443The Bizot Bar where the contintental breakfast was included.
IMG_4448 IMG_4450

My sister found mangoes and made a “mango chow”. It’s a native Trinidadian dish that basically makes used of unripened mangoes marinated in salt and hot peppers.


So, as I mentioned earlier…I really wanted to do nothing and not obsess over selfies and social media and cute captions, but then I felt a little guilty for not capturing and sharing this insane opportunity. I mean, this place is really special.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m sad my trip is over, but stoked to be back on my couch next to my cat Vlad.

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