LIFE: Naleye’s Birthday Party at The Box x Illuminati AMS, DJ Huggy Bear, Domo Genesis, Mellow High & More! (10.23.13)

It was my Dutch friend Naleye’s birthday and he asked me to come through to The Box and play some tunes. I was definitely down and honestly had no idea that venue was still around because I haven’t been there since about 2009. Being back there again reminded me of how much I loved it (seedy performance art, weird crowd…all my favorites). It was a nice night to celebrate Naleye’s birthday and I DJ’ed alongside his DJ/Music Producing partner – DJ Jaziah. They are sweethearts and I had a good time. DJ Huggy Bear came with and played some jams also! Check it out!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201301

DJ Jaziahvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201302

Party People in the place to be…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201303

Naleye and Jaziah…but they are missing their third link…Miss Niangavashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201304

Bottle service…vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201305 vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201306

Looky who was there! The Mellow Hype Boys and Domo Genesis! Awww!vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201307

Me and Domo Genesis.vashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201308

DJ Huggy Bearvashtie_naleye_birthday_1023201310Some strange performance art of naked angels attacking or worshipping a guy in the crowd.

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