LIFE: My Parisian Birthday Adventure – Shopping and Visiting The Moët & Chandon Caves!

So, last week I dipped real quick to Paris to celebrate my birthday in Parisian style. It was the second time I was so fortunate to do so. The first time was in 2014 (See the trip that I bogged DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5 &6 ). As some of you may already know, I am obsessed with Paris and it’s my favorite city…after New York of course! It was the first time I went to Paris and didn’t have work, as I usually travel there 2-3 times a year to attend and DJ Fashion Week. Here’s what went down…

Friday, April 21st: Flight was cozy…

Saturday, April 22nd: Landed at Charles De Gaulle

Breakfast at Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris was all me!

Treking about Paris. Stopped for wine, of course!

Getting dressed for dinner at La Société  wearing the threads that Filles à Papa sent me.

Oh and my Louis Vuitton boots that I bought during my last Paris trip!

The dinner and atmosphere at La Société was tres chic! I highly recommend it!

Sunday, April 23rd: My birthday…brunch at Cafe Marly á Paris overlooking the Louvre

Later…Birthday Dinner on a yacht!

It was so beautiful and exquisite, I seriously could have cried! I might have, just a little.

Monday, April 24th: Taking a tour in Epernay, Champagne France to see the Moët & Chandon Caves

It was about a 2 hour private drive, that my friends at Moët & Chandon set up for me on my birthday! This was the second time.

Click HERE to see the first time!

This place is the most visited place in France!


The cellars were very cold…because the champagne needs to chill!

A map of the land.

Napoleon visiting the caves back in the day.


Tuesday, April 25th: Shopping with Pablo Attal

This was some cute older people’s home…

Wild & The Moon is my new favorite go-to for Vegan and Raw deliciousness.  

We stopped at Paris New York to get Pablo a Burger.


Took a peek into Broken Arm, a well curated boutique in the Marais.


Stopped at my favorite, Hotel Costes for a drink…and to really just use the bathroom.    

And we took advantage of the gorgeous scene…

Went to a private VIP shopping experience at Louis Vuitton Paris Champs Elysées

Oh…and we took advantage of that scenery too!

Tuesday night dinner at my favorite Café Charlot with my homies Pablo Attal & Yoan Prat.

Wednesday, April 26th: Quick shopping before the airport.

It must be noted that European Design Houses are generally 30-50% cheaper in places like Paris and when you get to the airport, you get a 12% VAT tax back! Savings upon savings!


Prada Cahier Bag.

This thing was too adorable and I was sold when I realized I could wear it 3 ways…

1. Waist Bag, Belt Bag or aka Fanny Pack

2. Clutch.

3. Shoulder Bag.

I just had to get something from Dior…

And the packaging…oh, my sweet heavens! So adorable.

I got a classic little scarf!

During my last Paris trip I flirted with these Louis Vuitton Wonderland Ranger Shoes and decided to get them! Voila!

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