life: PARTY AT JULIET (9.12.10)

it was a pre-celebration for ANGELA’s birthday and since she was in NEW YORK, she invited us out to kick it with her at JULIET. i had never been there before, and in NEW YORK and most other cities…that means that i also have never been there previous to it being re-did, renovated, or bought-out as JULIET. it’s a common thing folks. one night you’re at CRASH the next night you’re at MANSION…clubs change with season.

anyways…it was a cool venue. apparently there were a lot of very known people there…none of which i could see since it was a bit dark. VENUS, SERENA, CARMELO, LALA, FABOLOUS, and SOPHIA FRESH. you may remember that i directed a video for them a couple years ago…they were a lot of fun to work with and very sweet.

*ladies of SOPHIA FRESH


*this is me from behind you guys. actually no.

*on my way out i spotted a man strangling a woman and i mean literally. she looked like she was dead and he was face to face to her strangling the life out of her. someone who was with her came up to the people i was with, begging them to help. no one knew what to do because this man looked like he was filming a dateline special of how he murdered his trife girlfriend.

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