LIFE: Sabel Boo’s Baby Shower (My Very First One Ever)

What can I say, I kicked it with the fellas my whole life and a lot of my friends had babies in high school…so, I never attended a baby shower before. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I was excited to be in the company of good friends and Sabel’s adorable expecting self! I mean, look at her – she looks stunning! I’m so happy for her and Chris. Ya’ll better go!


As we approached, 42nd Street was shut down. Apparently there was this insane fire and I believe there were some injured victims and maybe someone perished. It was a terrible and my sympathies go out to anyone who knows the victim or victims.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151302 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151303 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151304

Apparently the food was off the hook, thanks to Carmela’s Mama. I don’t know though, there were no vegan options. Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151305

Cedric and Oscar talking fashion.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151306

Diapers Galore.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151307

Amaris, Sabel and Reba.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151308 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151309

Oscar gave a brief and sweet speech.Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151310 Vashtie_Sabel_Shower_151311

Yay! We love you Sabel. I am so honored to be apart of this friend community that will welcome your baby into the world! I can’t wait to meet Baby Boo. 

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