life: SPRITE GREEN experience

a couple weeks ago, SPRITE GREEN invited me to “experience” their new drink. i knew nothing of it going in, but was eager to learn. they sent a black SUV to pick me and the manager up – already i was siked (i love those heated seats). we arrived at the space, which was a maze of literal experiences.

*a cute uniformed girl was alongside the driver to host us on the car ride.

*we were led through a maze of rooms by another cute girl in uniform to experience a video of what SPRITE GREEN is. it was all very cool to me…

*to your right is 50 calories worth of soda. to your right is 50 calories worth of SPRITE GREEN – one bottle. and it’s super tastey you guys, can’t wait for you to try it!

i’m usually skeptical of new products, but it’s simple and low in calories – and who can deny that they need less calories in life?! also, it just tastes good.

at the end of it, i was given a large box with a PATAGONIA jacket and some bottles for the road. thanks SPRITE GREEN (BARCLAY and ALI!).

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