LIFE: The Story Behind My Short Film, “French New York Wave”

Before I debut my film, I have to tell you a story and share some “behind the scenes”…

Me and Gigie Cosmic, shooting “French New York Wave” Paris, Oct. 2017

While I was in Paris for Fashion Week (October 2017), I had a strong desire to make a short film. I appealed to the Inst-Story gods and the Social Media Universe connected me with Gigie and her Production Team. 2 days later, we were shooting – literally! I wrote the piece the night before we started filming and the day of the shoot – I met a group of strangers, organized by Gigie. *Let me also just preface, I normally don’t call out to strangers and meet them – but I was trusting my gut to move ahead and thanks to my homie Quiana Parks who was support & security.

Gigie was a petite young woman who seemed versed in the world of production, and focused on work. I was so appreciative that this “stranger” (or so I thought) was so open to collaborating with me – she brought a whole professional crew with her, including famous actor Sandor Funtek (“Blue Is The Warmest Color”) and a makeup artist. After the two days of filming she told me that she had been a fan of mine for many years (her nickname was “Vashtie 2”) and that I had also put her on this blog – not once, but TWICE! Once – in 2010 when my friend Theophilus London met her and her friend in Paris, wearing my brand in! Then in 2013, I met her at a party in Paris and she wanted to take a selfie and when it didn’t work – I had our photo taken and put it on my blog. 

Me and Gigie in Paris, 2013

The universe is incredible! Having inspired a young creative in another part of the world (who I would eventually meet randomly), but then meet again years later when she was creating her own greatness and in the position to bring my vision to life!

I mean, it’s magical on so many levels. The chances of me finding a community on my blog in 2007, the chances of her hearing about me (let alone be inspired by me), the chances of us meeting once before in Paris in 2013, the chances of her defining her own creative path, the chances of me sending out a digital message and the chances of her receiving it in 2017. Like! I mean! Hello?! Law of Attraction is so real. I’m emotional.

Thank you to Gigie and her incredible team. Without her and them, this film might never have been a reality.


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