I am so appreciative that I am able to travel to Paris at least 2 times a year for work…and for Fashion Week at that! I’ve made such amazing friends internationally, that it’s always like a fun friend reunion when I see them! This time I decided to stay a little longer since I never get to do touristy things, because I’m generally in and out for work where ever I go. The homie Quiana Parks decided to come out to, for her first time in Paris! It was great to hang with my Broski Quiana and show her one of my favorite cities of all time! I was stuck in nearly 2 hours of traffic, that when I got to the airport – I almost missed my flight. They airline informed me that my luggage “may not make it on the plane,”  in which case it would be sent on the next flight. And…I landed in Paris with no luggage. They said the next flight had been canceled so I had to hack it during the most fashionable week in the worlds most fashionable city wearing the same drawers, American Apparel tee and pants, and glasses because my contacts had been in my luggage. It was exciting and frightening.

After a long day of trying to buy back up clothes and supplies, I met my amazingly talented friend Naomi Yasuda (@NaomiNailsNYC) at one of my favorite Parisian restaurants – Brasserie Lipp. We had drinks with her model friend and her friends in St. Germain, a very fancy and cool area of Paris. The next day, I woke up bright and early…awaiting Quiana’s arrival and my hair and makeup to ready me for my first official day of Paris Fashion Week. My first show was Filles A Papa, my favorite new brand. Also on my trip, I took over the HYPEBEAST IG story to give a first look at the brand new Louis Vuitton store opening and John Galliano show. I even took a day off from shows for some creative pleasure and directed a short film that I can’t wait for you to see. For now, check out the photos of my trip below!

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