LIFE: Working In DC x Day Off Cookout With Amaris & Jamel x Day 2 (4.20.13)

Elle said, “post this photo on your blog and see if your readers can guess which bottle belongs to who. Starting from Right; The BBQ is Stephens, the water is yours since you’re so healthy, the ginger ale is Scott’s and the wine is mine since everyone probably thinks I’m an alcoholic”.

Day 2 of our DC trip was chill. We scooped up Amaris and she took us to the farmer’s market. Then we went to get groceries so we could have a little cookout at Jamel’s Mom’s house. Although I was exhausted beyond words, we set up shop and got to cooking. Before we knew it, the greatest team of all won the game (eh em, The Knicks) and we headed back to the hotel so my toddler self could get sleep.

The purchase of this air freshener by Huggy single-handedly ruined our trip experience and at the same time completed it. It had slipped out of its bag and was giving us all headaches, yet none of us threw it out. Every time someone got a strong whiff of it they had to say out loud “Black Ice”…and that happened a lot.

This homeless woman was just sleeping by the pool.

I was too hungry to take pictures before and during. So, as soon as I was done stuffing my mouth I took some flicks.

Young Scoozle and Jason

Amaris, DJ Huggy Bear (constantly playing chess) and Elle Clay

I rode my bike home after it was all done


We didn’t do much this day, just kicked it lazy style and before we knew it – the day was over. I was so beat, I was in bed by 8. From what I can tell DC is beautiful. We didn’t get to ightsee, then again I’m not the sightseeing kind of gal (I hate admitting that because it sounds so terrible). I was looking forward to Day 3, for the Broccoli Fest which I was hosting and DJ’ing at. Stay tuned tomorrow for that post!

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