LIFE: Working in Los Angeles – A New York Reunion in Hollywood – Eric Elms, A-Ron, Semen Sperms, Tino Razo, Nasty Neck, Tim Barber & More! (Day 1 of 5)

Hey Dudes and Dudettes. I realize my posts have been scattered, so I apologize for that. Things have been a bit hectic, but everything is well – and I hope all of you are also. Just an update: I am still working on a post of myself from Junior High to High School, since I uncovered a vault of my teenage hoarding self.

Right now, I am in Los Angeles for work with my friend and super rad artist ERIC ELMS. To be honest, coming to L.A. always felt like a weird dream to me. It’s hard to explain, but basically I never vibed with the city. Maybe only coming out here for work and no play is to blame. Although, the more I come out here – the more time I spend with friends who live here now and I’m starting to get a better sense of the city. I’m also recording video to make a lil’ VASHTIE TV Episode! Can’t wait to share that!

Lonely Airport.

Whoa. Dolphins are cool.

Waiting to check into my hotel…

Sleepy Time…


On my first day I hung out with my friend CHERUB MOORE and her handsome baby HUNTER.

We ate at CAFE GRATITUDE and it was so off the hook. I am obsessed with it. The place is all VEGAN/RAW and it’s everything I love…except much cheaper than New York. Every dish is titled like I AM HAPPY and when you order, the waiter says what you ordered like “YOU ARE HAPPY”. Love that!!!


Hunter is a ham. He’s so sweet and funny and charming! I love him!!!


Then, I later found out that my good Downtown New York Homie A-RON THE DON was also in LA for a spell. After ERIC ELMS and I jokingly instagrammed a photo of ERIC doing his best A-RON pose.

A-RON hit us and told us he was in LA and asked us to come through and DJ his radio show KNOW-WAVE.COM. It was in “The Hills” at this crazy insane house. It was so surreal. This giant open house with fire pits, fountains everywhere, a projector playing seedy 42nd street films from the 70’s, etc… It was very cool, but also looked like it was the scene of a famous murder scene from the 60’s.

Then, I realized all the New York homies were there…NASTY NECK, SEMEN SPERMS, TINO RAZO and his MRS. It was a great reunion…it felt like New York, sort of.

Chilling with LA Babes



I haven’t seen this rascal in so long! Miss this dude. We go way back to our art school days at The School Of Visual Arts!


A place for fire.

Cheetah Girls!

barefoot SEMEN SPERMS!


ME taking a picture of TIM BARBER taking a picture.


I am way exhausted, but having a great time. I will try and check in with ya’ll again tomorrow! Be well, babes!

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