LISTEN: #ONE16GOAT A Mixtape Celebrating Birthday Bae’s – Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs & Kate Moss


Today is the 2 year anniversary of my mixtape – #ONE16GOAT.

It was 2 years ago when I discovered that Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs and Kate Moss (just a few of the most enchanting and godly women to walk this earth) all shared the same birthday: January 16th.

Immediately, this became music to my ears! I suddenly started to mentally put together a soundtrack dedicated to these creative creatures.

The title quickly came together: #ONE16GOAT

January 16th, “1/16” falls in the sign of Capricorn (as a Taurus, I love my fellow earthly Cap’s).

And…their symbol os the Sea-Goat, hence “Goat.” #ONE16GOAT

Although Kate Moss has no musical resume, she’s still a forever mood board inspo.

Anyways, enjoy!



Introduction | “Happy Birthday” performed by Mr. Rogers
“At Your Best” – Aaliyah
“The Moon and the Stars” – Sade
“We Need a Resolution” – Aaliyah
“Cherish the Day” – Sade
“Hot Like Fire” – Aaliyah
“By Your Side” (Neptunes Remix) – Sade
“Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” – Aaliyah
“No Ordinary Love” – Sade
“If Your Girl Only Knew” – Aaliyah
“Sweetest Taboo” – Sade
“Back & Forth” – Aaliyah
“Rock the Boat” – Aaliyah
“Like Paradise” – Sade
“Hang on to Your Love” – Sade
“Couldn’t Love You More” – Sade Remix by Matrixxman & Vin Sol
MTV Diary: Aaliyah Interview
“2 Weeks 4 Page Letter” – Aaliyah x FKA Twigs remix by Raheem D.
“Smooth Operator” – Sade

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