My Secret Wedding Day + How We Met (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

If you’ve been following me or have been reading this blog, you already know that marriage was not an absolute for me. I just wasn’t the girl who dreamed of her wedding or even imagined it…ever. In fact, I was the annoyed girl who secretly rolled her eyes at women who talked obsessively about giant engagements rings and imaginary weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I love love, romance and monogamy but I felt that idea of marriage was a social construct that often (not always) hindered people when it was a box to be checked off…and yet here I am, a blushing bride!

Maybe I drank the Kool-Aid? Or maybe when you factor in true love and perfect timing, you find yourself saying yes to a lot more than you ever imagined…and meaning it!

If you read my 2019 post about getting engaged, then you may have known this wedding was eventually coming. We had planned a big celebration for 2020, but Rona was like “nah” and we were like “bet” and decided to postpone and in March we secretly get hitched at New York City Hall.

So, what’s the scoop? How did I go from being a downtown, single gal to now being happily married?! Well, gather ’round kids…I will tell you…



*2011. The First Photo of Me and Emil.

2011. Emil was visiting NYC from Copenhagen with the company he worked for. They were shooting a documentary on streetwear and I was one of the artists featured. When we met, we felt an instant and unspoken connection – one that we wouldn’t understand or admit to until years later.

*Me and Emil circa 2011 at me and Q-Tip’s Yotel Party

*Me and Emil circa 2015

We became really great friends for 6 years; sharing creative ideas, keeping up with each others lives and hanging out when he made yearly visits to NYC. In 2017, we found ourselves single and more aware of the feelings we had for each other. What began then was an overwhelming love story…and now we are a married couple!

You just never know what the universe is bringing to you, so don’t overlook the various forms your blessings are coming in as!



7am: We woke up early on a Wednesday and got ready.

8am: I had hair and makeup scheduled to make me feel extra special…

9am: James (@darealjjohnson) getting my last looks in before heading out the door.

9:30am: Putting on the custom veil by (@evita_loca) was a moment, I was getting very emotional here.

 11am: Arriving at New York City Hall for our big day!

I have to say, The City Hall folks run a smooth operation. We were in and out within an hour and it was a pleasant experience!

And just like that, we got married!

We didn’t tell anyone, as. we wanted this day to be about “us”. Joanna (@popofcolor) was there as support and Edwin (@EdwinOrtizJr) took photos.

I wanted to honor tradition, so I wore all white – but, to honor myself…I wore a White Supreme Hanes T-Shirt, White Dickies, White Air Force 1’s and a custom White. Durag Veil (by @evita_loca). My now husband stayed true to his Danish style wearing all black and Air Jordan 1’s.

  • Peep The Complex.Com Story with Photos!

  • Vashtie wasn’t initially keen on sharing photos of such a personal moment. Ultimately, however, she was swayed by the realization that doing so might give some encouragement to others who are having to shift their own plans during the COVID-19 era.

    “I debated on if I would share this personal moment, but realized it could maybe inspire others during these shifting times,” Vashtie said. “While right now seems uncertain, the truth is any moment is. Plans derail and the future is always unknown, but we can still enjoy the life we have and make the best of it.”

    Here’s a 6 minute video of our Wedding Day.

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