My so-called Life

oh, the 90’s…flannels and combay boots. this show was great, did anyone else ever watch this? i mean, being a kid is so weird. parents are even weirder. MSCL really showed how distant and similar the two are. it really showed what it’s kinda like to be at that point when you’re starting high school; ditching old friends for new ones, drastically changing your appearance, rebelling against your family and school, body issues, etc. it’s such a weird period in life. here is the pilot that started it all:

this next episode is about the magical teacher MR. RACINE who (quite movie like and less like the real life) wakes up the student body and excites them about learning. today, teachers seem so underpaid and less interested in teaching that this character looked like a leprechaun (maybe there are a few left out there). eventually, angela realizes that he’s not super human…but extremely human (flaws and all).

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