news: JASMINA found 2 matching donors!!!

remember JASMINA, the sweet little girl i posted about that had the aggressive leukemia and needed a matching donor to save her life? well…she found not only one match – BUT, TWO!!! i am so happy. thanks to everyone who went out to the bone marrow drives. the news is a little old, but important nonetheless!!!

Picture 2

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if you are in the NEW YORK CITY AREA tomorrow, APRIL 1st…please, please, please go and get swabbed to see if you would be a bone marrow donor for JASMINA. it could save this beautiful 6 year old girls life.

the process literally took less than a minute. i was in and out in under 10 minutes. you fill out forms, get swabbed and then you’re done!

take a look at the drive from SUNDAY that i attended. we gathered the troops and headed out early.

*in the cab, JASMINAS commercial was on.

*AMNTM has nothing on this girl!

*1: after you meet the specifications of being a donor, you fill out your information.

*2: get swabbed, easy breezey!

*3: DONE! then you take a picture! we were all half asleep. 10 am is early for sunday!

*some of us were really not happy about being up so early, but we did it!

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