(old) event pics: 10/30/08 ME and AJ CALLOWAY host ANTILIA’s CARNIVAL

“Special events company, Antilia, Inc., and the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company announce a sneak peak for Carnival 2009 at Antilia Carnival, featuring Wyclef Jean live and hosted by AJ Calloway and Vashtie Kola, on Thursday October 30th, 2008.”

when ANTILIA asked me to represent for my fellow TRINI’S, there was NO WAY i could decline. although, i had never really hosted a live event and i had to do it alongside AJ CALLOWAY – who is way more experienced than me. needless to say i was a little “pet” (petrified).

i showed up with ROB and ELLE. the VIP table they gave me was unreal. it was full of giant bottles of everything. not to mention…they passed TRINI hor’dourves of shark and bake, rotis, etc.

*me and the manager.

*seriously! that was part of my table…

*i’ll be honest. when i saw all the food and drinks i retreated into my poor kid mode and made emergency texts to my friends to get there earlier than suggested as i chomped on everything i could touch. damn, what is with that?!

*backstage with the CARNIVAL GIRLS.


*MR. TRIINIDAD and MISS TRINIDAD 2008 – Anya Ayoung-Chee!
—–yes, TRINI’s are a mix of all kinds if races. there are also a large group of “CHI-NEE” (as trinidadians say) on the island.

*the crew showed up and seriously WENT TO TOWN! look at these pictures. do we look like we have any sense? we all had the same reaction to the food and drinks, which was – ravage everything like you have been starving for years.

*everyone thought that holding up ALIZE bottles would be funny, no one actually drank it. as ELLE says, “jazzy black girls that wear cheetah print drink ALIZE. it is the hoodest drink” hahaha.

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