party| Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Release at Bowery Ballroom + Debbie Harry and Kid Cudi performance!

last night was the release party for LOUIS VUITTON’s re-release of the STEPHEN SPROUSE collaboration. the afterparty took place at BOWERY BALLROOM, and there was a frenzy to get in. we were greeted with a security man and before the PR people had a chance to hassle us, the kind security gentleman asked if i was the “nice girl” who walked by everyday (when i lived near BOWERY) and i said yes and he quickly let us in – bypassing the lists and checks. sometimes being nice is all you need on your resume!

the place was filled with older fashiony types. the kind that looked like they partied super hard in the 70’s and 80’s and now have a lot of money so they dress a bit sophisticated, but are still wild when they want to be.

i came decked out in what i always wear, my homeless man kit; denim cutoffs, leggings, boots, flannel, hoody but -i accented it with a LOUIS bag. i wanted to support MARC and a French family i don’t know. most of the women attended the party in CHANEL, which i thought was a little uncalled for.

*TREMAINE and FERRIS…Ferris has a cool blog called FLUXURYB

then, guess who we bumped into…quite literally on our way to the bathroom! KID CUDI!

*ok, this was THE BEST OUFIT i have seen all year! 

UPDATE!!! this kid happens to be STEPHEN SPROUSES nephew! wearing an original robot piece designed by his amazing uncle STEPHEN! thanks to HERON PRESTONS BLOG and PETE’s parent, JANDY SPROUSE, for keeping me in the know 🙂 his name is PETE KERBY MILLER and he’s adorable!

*photo and name credit by STYLE.COM

*super congrats to my good friends ELIZABETH and LOIC! i better be an usher or something!

*CUDI’s stunntin’ ass Jesus piece! i think it’s funny because he has blonde hair and blood coming down his face. when i become a rapper i’m going to get a chain with the entire last supper scene, table and Apostles and all!

*DEBBIE HARRY was there performing!!! she is legend! but not like Will Smith…

Debbie Harry performs at the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Afterparty! from va$htie on Vimeo.



later, there was an impromptu performance by KID CUDI with JUS SKE on the decks…

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