POP CHAMPAGNE! it’s time to shine in ’09…

hmmm? “it’s time to shine in ’09?” we need a good tagline for the new year, (like BIG DADDY KANE “it’s ’88, time to set it straight”).

-be kind in ’09?

-it’s time to bump and grind in ’09?

-do crime and time in ’09?

-drink veryfine for ’09?

okay, i could go on all day being silly. if you guys think of some new taglines for the new year please feel free to add.

also, any NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS? i’d love to hear ’em.

mine are the usual…
*stay fit and healthy
*work harder
*spend more time with the people i love
*make more art

if i don’t hear from you guys. have a safe and fun holiday! remember, everyday is a new day to start fresh and new!

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