RANDOM: Why Haven’t I Been Properly Blogging Lately?

Hey Guys…

As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t been properly blogging in my usual fashion lately. The reason you ask? Actually, I’m embarrassed to say that there is nothing in particular to take the blame…just life. As most of you know – I was in Paris for the Kenzo Show in March, then I had the flu for 3 weeks and lost about 15lbs from it (it was basically the Black Plague), took a few weeks after that to play catchup and now I’m here. I’m a Taurus and love routine, but after my routine was wiped out due to illness – I’ve been scrambling to get it back.


Me at the height of my flu with just enough energy for a selfie, tugging on my hair that hadn’t been washed in about 2 weeks because I had the chills. Also note: I sweated through about 4-5 shirts a day at a minimum. The moment I took this photo was also the moment that I realized I had lost a TON of weight. I always thought being super skinny would work for me, but when I tried my clothes on I looked like a pre-pubescent boy playing dress-up with his moms clothes. I’ve always stayed in a range of 118-130 since I was in Junior High (I was the same height in 5th grade that I am now, 5’4″) and prior to getting sick I was about 119lbs, but I’m positive I got down to about 105lbs at my sickest. Which means, I haven’t been at that weight since I was in about 3rd or 4th grade. That is so shocking. A few of you have left some concerned comments about my weight loss and I appreciate it. Hahaha, what if I was like “stay out my business” and @’ed the people who left the comments. I’m totally kidding and I really do appreciate the supporters I have that care. I’m gaining the weight back, slowly…but surely.


I will say that I am MUCH busier with a lot of behind the scenes work while juggling many different gigs, but I’d hate to be all “I’m too busy working to blog” blah blah.

I am very busy, as I’m sure you all are – so I won’t make any excuses. I will say that I promise to make time for you guys, because I do love you and appreciate the support. If you guys want to continue reading and seeing my posts, then I will carry on! In the mean-time, I offer you a Mariah Carey Video and some photos of things I haven’t had time to blog…


212 Tuesdays // The Darby (The night before I got the Black Plague)

Angelo Baque & Me

Angelo Baque & Hunter Muraira

Dee Twin, Ricky Powell & Ricky Twin

Bobby Waltzer (Two One Two), Young Scoozle & Sebo


I went to Miami for Winter Music Conference and I was so ready to take many pictures when my camera died after I took this photo…


I also went to Albany to attend a memorial for Jessica, my dear friend Dave’s fiancee. She was an absolute sweetheart who was loved immensely by everyone who knew her. I’m sad I didn’t have the chance to get to know her as well as other people did. Her life was taken too soon, but she won’t be forgotten. #breatheeasysmiley

While I was in Albany, I also found out that my father’s good friend who we affectionately called “Uncle Mike” also passed away. I remember him fondly, he was very loving and kind. I have wonderful memories of him from my childhood. He will be missed.

All in all, my Albany trip was nice but sad. I re-connected with some old chums and realized just how fast time flies and as resilient as life is, it’s also fragile. We must truly spend time with the ones we love…and the ones that you love, but are too busy to spend time with. I’ve spent too much time away from my hometown of Albany. I have my reasons, but…when events like these happen, those reasons don’t add up to much.

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