Vash Daddy: Introducing Vashtie Posters & Tees

I spent the majority of my life covered up and behind the camera.

I was always just more comfortable being quiet and living in boys clothing. As I’ve gotten older, I have reluctantly embraced change. I mean, I’m a typical stubborn Taurus and if it were up to me I’d be the captain that sank with the Titanic – but, we all must evolve, or try to at least…so, I guess I’m now “Rose” accidentally making “Jack” die in order to fulfill my life’s destiny. Sorry, that was a tangent – but you get it.

I’ve realized, being the shy introvert that I naturally am tends to read rude – especially since most people have this idea that I’m super outgoing (hence my nickname, “the anti-social socialite”). I have had to learn to be social and conversational, basically going past my own comfort levels and getting familiar with the basic standards of being a human in society.

On the same note – it’s taken me a lifetime to get comfortable in my own skin and being open to showing it. As some of you who have followed me since the beginning know, this was…and yet, still is me.


I also reluctantly embraced being in front of the camera and as of late, have been even showing even more skin. I partially attribute this to DJ’ing, because I sometimes sweat from nervousness and dancing that I need invest in minimal clothing to move about.


But, It’s also in part because I’ve also learned to (sort of) love and (sort of) accept my body, which took a lifetime. It’s quite difficult being a girl, am I right ladies? Accepting your body and beauty as actual beauty and liking (not even loving it) is an everyday struggle.

I used to think baring skin was inappropriate, corny and maybe anti-feminist – not that I identify with the term at all. But, what I have realized is that, maybe it is all those things – but it’s also liberating, courageous and powerful. I used to be staunchly attached to the idea that the female body should be shrouded in mystery and while I still do, I’m now open to the idea of celebrating our figure.

Long story short…

I’m a girl. Matter fact, I’m a woman. I work hard. I don’t rely on a man for anything. I eat super healthy, I work out like a mad person and I take care of my body. I wanted to take some cool photos with gifted items from friends brands (Supreme, Morgan Lane and Anna Sheffield) like I usually do, but instead of my classic tomboy approach – I went in another direction, inspired entirely by Puff.

As one of my heroes in in my everyday life, here are the images of him that inspired me creatively with this shoot. I don’t even own lingerie, but felt like a female version of Puff would have her lace and luxe game on lock.






VASHTIE SIGNING 3 (WP) (3 of 3)-2 (1)

We also shot this back in May, pre-Hotline Bling…so I guess this is the pre-cursor cursing me to don lingerie in front of the camera.

As we shot this and debated making POSTERS & TEES, I got two requests the same week for posters with my silly mug on it. So, here we are. I thought it would be funny to break into “Sliding into DM’s” by offering it as a fun service with purchase. Here we go! Shop Now.



View the full photoshoot gallery.

Tee + Poster + Video Slide into IG DM Combo – $85
Photo Tee – $40
Poster – $45
Signed Poster – $50

Photographer: The Urban Legend – Darius

Hair: Angela Soto

Makeup: Tai Lotson

Styled by: Elle Clay

Clothing: Outerwear by Supreme, Lingerie by Morgan Lane, Jewelry by Anna Sheffield.

Location: Bowery Hotel

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