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This is Why We Can’t Get Over Dover Street Market

A little over 15 years ago Dover Street Market was created by Comme des Garçons founder and designer Rei Kawakubo. Along with her husband, Rei wanted to create a space to sell their brand and other complementary brands. The space

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Where Heartbreaker Meets Deal Breaker: Check Out Vashtie’s Sunglasses Collaboration With AKILA

AKILA is an LA-based brand that creates modern day eyewear products that draw inspiration from the bustling and ever-changing landscape of DTLA and cities around the world. They believe in taking control of the optics by releasing in limited quantities

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5 Different Ways To Style Overalls This Spring

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to get rid of all of your heavy winter layers and give your wardrobe a fresh sense of style for the brighter season. It’s time to have fun with color options,

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Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Features Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghost Rider, A Drum Set, & More

Supreme recently released a look book and product shots of their spring/summer 2019 collection. The collection features Ghost Rider, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, random water guns, a full Supreme decked out drum set, and more. The football jersey features  Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s

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Jamil GS Photographs Vashtie For His Golden Era Collection With BLS Hafnia On The Streets Of Copenhagen

Vashties old mentor, Jamil GS photographed her on the streets of Copenhagen for his Golden Era capsule. The collection is a collaboration between Jamil GS and local Danish brand BLS Hafnia. The collab was released on November 30, 2018, and it

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#VeganEats: Blossom Du Jour Express

  About two months ago, an old co-worker of mine told me about Blossoms. I was impressed since he wasn’t a vegan or a vegetarian but was recommending a vegan restaurant to me. After doing some research of my own

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Cop A Flask Bracelet Just Like Rihanna’s

Summer is upon us and we will finally be able to enjoy warm weather, good drinks, good music, and good times with our friends and family. It’s finally our moment to slay in our floral pattern fits while being ‘nice

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RECAP: Akoo Clothing X Patrick Ewing Pre-Launch Event

This past Friday, Vashtie DJ’d the release of the highly anticipated 10th anniversary Akoo X Ewing Collection. The event took place in The Garment District at Akoo’s showroom in NYC. The room was buzzing with tunes by DJ Ernez X

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Vashtie Approved Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is around the corner and although this holiday may or may not be a big business marketing scheme, it is always a mood to celebrate love. Getting thoughtful and unique gifts can sometimes be a struggle but it’s

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#NewYorkFashionWeek: Alexander Wang a/w18

As we near the end of January, we look forward to what February has in store for New York Fashion Week. The week brings out the most stylish gurus in the city. With long days of shows, designers in a


#OOTD: Kith Melting Treats Capsule

Kith is a streetwear brand that has come into prominence recently for it’s superb clothing and tasty treats. Last week they released the Kith Treats Melting Capsule. The capsule will be sold at Kith Treats Manhattan , Brooklyn, Hirshleifers, Miami

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The Winter Coats You Need for Your Wardrobe

It’s that time again! It almost feels as though fall didn’t last long enough and we’re back in our closets examining how exactly we plan to stay warm and bundled. When your first instinct is to throw every item you

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Five Nike Sneakers That Should Re-Release

As we navigate through this era of heavy 80s/90s nostalgia, it shows up significantly in our style of dress. Our sneakers should be no different. The 90s are arguably the Golden Age of sports and while this may seem to

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#KicksOfTheDay: 5 “Ugly” Sneakers Worth The Buy

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the “ugly sneaker” trend. It’s the current obsession with bulky soles, sometimes a sock-like upper. The origin of these sneakers date back to the 80s/90s dad, your favorite lunch lady, or the

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4 Must-Shop Spots in Paris

Paris Fashion Week is upon us and it’s no secret that the French have some of the most impeccable and chic style across the board. The street style at Paris Fashion Week is always so incredibly unique and this season

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Is Rock & Roll Culture Being Appropriated? Here’s Why It’s Important To Know What You’re Wearing

Now more than ever rock and roll t-shirts are being commonly worn by today’s youth with bands such as Metallica and Guns N Roses.  As most would think, wearing a t-shirt of any brand would mean you support that brand

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BEAUTY: The Cost of Coverage

  As the biggest consumers on the market black women have the hardest time finding products to fit our complexion. We back everything up that we see fit. We set trends and dictate pop culture. We’re the biggest influencers so


Waist Beads: The Gateway to a Wombman’s Throne

Wombmen in Africa have been known to wear these adornments as far back as Ancient Egypt, for more reasons than one. According to history, the Egyptian wombman wore waist beads as a symbolism of status and in Ghana; babies are

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SHOP: N.Y. Rangers Gear From Violette’s New York Vintage Collection

Violette New York presents a special collection of vintage gear dedicated to Vashtie’s favorite city, New York. The collection features items from New York’s favorite sports teams including the Yankees, Jets, Giants, Knicks and many more. Following the release of The Jets

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It’s Lit With This New Violette New York Candle & Smoothing Playlist

Violette New York releases a limited edition French Violet scented candle, prefect for the crisp weather that approaches us this fall and winter season. To accompany the release of the candle, we share a special 10-track playlist curated by boss

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SHOP: Violette New York’s ‘Jump & Wave’ Bandana is J’ouvert Ready

Just in time for the weekend, Violette New York celebrates the countries of the Caribbean with a special limited edition of the “Jump & Wave” bandana. Vashtie shares her inspiration for the drop: “As the daughter of Trinidadian parents, I am proud


SHOP: Violette New York “White Coach Jacket”

Violette New York drops the “White Coach Jacket”. Designed with “Enjoy The Little Things In Life” atop a violet flower in hand on the back, the lightweight jacket is perfect for summer nights. The fit runs big so we recommend


SHOP: Violette Bisous Button Up

Today my brand Violette presents a limited edition unisex “Bisous” button up, featuring red lips embroidered on the neck. The name, pronounced “bee-zoo”, is the French word for kiss! Check out the lookbook, shot by Amanda Alborano, features myself and musician Mozartrick,

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A Valentines Day Gift Guide For That Special Female

Written by contributing writer: Dina Cook Valentine’s Day is coming up faster than anyone can be prepared so I’m here to help you buy gifts that are spot-on and you won’t see on every website’s gift guide. Enjoy! RockHoundSoap This

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SHOP: 90’s Lyric Inspired Violette Accessories & The Top 5 Throwback Jams That Inspired Them!

Like many of you, I am hugely inspired by the 90’s. Recently, I did a fun little capsule of accessories through my brand Violette and made some 90’s lyric inspired items; including an iPhone 5 & 6 case, sticky notes

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SHOP: Limited Edition x Violette New York x Baron Von Fancy Lighter (On Sale Now!)


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SHOP: Limited Edition x Violette New York x Baron Von Fancy Lighter (On Sale Now!)

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SNEAK PEEK: A Blazing Hot Violette New York Accessory! (Coming Soon)

Stay tuned to VioletteNewYork.Com for more!

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SHOP: The Violette Blog Lists Popular Cyber Monday Sale Codes! (VioletteNewYork.Com/Blog)

You guys know I have a clothing line called VIOLETTE right? Well, on the site there’s also a BLOG that has some solid content. Check the most recent post that lists a few popular Cyber Monday Sale Codes. As your

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SHOP: Violette New York x Limited Edition x The #VLADENCHY Tee (Available Now!)

After being bombarded by the Givenchy Rottweiler left and right, we decided it was time for a new take on the instant classic! Voila, THE #VLADENCHY TEE was born. Instead of the growling dog, you will find a scowling cat

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“Merry Muthafu@%ing Christmas” as the late great Eazy-E said it. This shirt pays homage to the legend and also to our sometimes sentiments when it comes to the holiday season. We don’t suggest you wear it while ripping open gifts

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Ah, Holiday time. That time of year when you’re super stressed out, broke and caught in a web of consumerism. Um…I mean…that time of year where we celebrate the joy of family and friends (and for some of us, the

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I know I’m late on this, but I didn’t even realize this collabo had occurred until a friend recently ran to the bodega and asked what I needed. I replied, “sparkling water” and they returned with this gorgeous beauty.

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It’s a genius bowl designed for kids that cannot spill and all I know is I want a GYRO BOWL!!! After you watch the video you will also! I’ve been putting on my friends with kids ever since I saw

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Many of my dear readers are familiar with one of my bestest friends RAUL LOPEZ who is known for his charming one-liners and avant-garde fashion sense. Previously, he was also one half of the fashion brand HOOD BY AIR –

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shop: PEGLEG CYBER SALE – 25% OFF!!!

enter code: CYBERMONDAY

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shop: PEGLEG NYC POP-UP SHOP (11.18-11.21)

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VIOLETTE has just released a LIMITED EDITION “FUN BAGS” t-shirt! this special shirt was designed especially for the ladies (and brave men). you know how we can be girls, some of us are never happy with what we’ve been blessed

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V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K V I O L E T T E   N E W   Y O R K V I O L E T

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