SPECIAL DELIVERY: Blackberry Q10 – My Lifelong Love Of Pressing Buttons Is Satisfied!


Me in 2007 holding my favorite toy…a Blackberry.

I have been like coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over gadgets for as long as I can remember! Cameras, Cell Phones, Scanners…you name it. If it’s got great design and solid function, best believe I have internet stalked its photos and its reviews.

Trying to stay organized in 2013 is an everyday struggle for me and I can imagine for anyone else out there. You have to juggle social media, emails, texts, phone calls, iCal, notes, work, and then life. It’s no easy task, so I find that  having all the necessary weaponry is a must.


 Peep the 2 Blackberry’s when I worked at Def Jam

I’ve had a second phone like for some time now linked to a Blackberry, so that when I do more on the go freelance work – I can send emails like all other Industry Adults (iPhone for fun and Blackberry for work is pretty much the industry standard these days).



Miami Beach 2007

When the Blackberry Q10 released, my friends at The Participation Agency gifted it to me. I couldn’t wait to caress my fingertips along it’s curvaceous buttons! I’m like a toddler, I mean – who doesn’t love to press a button?! The latest Blackberry Q10 quenches all your fun and business needs…although, I’m not sure I can ever part ways with my iPhone, she’s just been too good to me!
specialdelivery_blackberry1 specialdelivery_blackberry2 specialdelivery_blackberry3

Amen!specialdelivery_blackberry4 specialdelivery_blackberry5 specialdelivery_blackberry6

This smartphone is everything you want and need in life. I absolutely love it’s functionality and its beautiful design.

Thank You Blackberry!!!

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