FEATURED: Happy Birthday Kanye! Directing “Us Placers” Music Video by CRS in 2007

Vashtie directs "Us Placers" by Kanye West


OMG. I cannot believe how time is flying. It’s obscene, actually. 9 years!!!

Anyways. Before I do a full introductory post for all the newbies to Vashtie.Com that explains the birth of my digital baby and who I am, I have to drop this nice little post in honor of Yeezy’s Born-Day — which is today, June 8th! Despite what anyone says, this tortured artist has changed the games in more ways than one and has continued to inspire me since he first stepped on the scene many years ago! Thank you Kanye!



Quick little short story. I moved to NYC from Albany for Art School. I studied Directing and Cinematography at The School Of Visual Arts and went on to do some Directing things here and there. In 2006, I was asked by my mentor and President of The Creative Department at Island/Def Jam (Grace Miguel) to come in as Director Of Creative Services. I took on the position and felt like “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead“…like I was too young and under-qualified for the executive position, complete with petty cash and my own business card!



My actual desk in 2006/2007

Anyways, turned out I was not under-qualified…like most of us, I didn’t realize my full potential. The bigger problem was that, in the year I worked for a major record label – my artist blood started to feel constricted. Working 12-16 hour days, including weekends, had taken up all my personal time and personal time for me meant creative time. I felt like I was dying, legit. Until one day, Kanye had put out a mixtape (“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”) which landed on my desk. I was so inspired by the song “Us Placers” (which featured Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell), that I knew I needed to direct a  video for them…if even just for fun.


And in 2007 – I did just that. With much inspiration from Kanye, my own money and the much needed help of my friends…I directed a music video…a music video that went SUPER viral the moment I clicked “publish” on Youtube.Com. Okay and this was in 2007…8 years ago! Yoikes.

Peep the Behind The Scenes and Music Video to “Us Placers” by C.R.S. Below!




It should be noted, that the casting call provided only (and luckily) the following kids you are about to see below – who all JUST HAPPENED to look like the artist they were to imitate in the video!

IMG_1874 IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1877

The girl is meant to be a Young Vashtie, on the set of her video – directing her friends!

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

© Kreg Holt

I am super DIY and get into painting or whatevs I need to do.

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