Fashion: My Top 5 Personal Favorite Jordan Moments


Just another post to honor the GOAT, Michael Jordan. I have had many favorite moments in favorite pairs of Jordans, but here are my Top 5 Personal Moments rocking Brand Jordan.

1. 2007 – Black Cement Jordan 3’s

My Black Cement Jordan 3’s were the first pair of Jordans I ever owned. Growing up as a kid in the hood I couldn’t afford anything name brand and Jordans were the epitome of cool. When I got old enough, I took my little retail job money and bought myself a pair. It was one of the most exciting purchases I have ever made.


2. 2011 – Raging Bulls Retro Jordan 5’s

These were the first pair of Jordans I had ever had gifted to me. I remember being in complete and utter shock: as seen here


and HERE in this post.

3. 2015 – White Cement Jordan 3’s

I’ve had these since the early 2000’s and decided to break them out for some fresh air.

4. 2003 – Air Jordan 2’s

I was a bit apprehensive to post this photo, but hey – a million years have gone, time has moved on and it’s just a classic at this point. Also, it’s proof that my steelo has forever been on point and simultaneously boringly routine…peep those shorts! I’ve been wearing them for 14 years!Vashtie-Kola-03

5. 2010 – Vashtie Violette Jordan 2’s

I mean, of course I have to pick my own sneaker. I made it exactly the way I wanted it!



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