#VASHTIEVITALS: Watch Vashtie Get a Colonic Treatment

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Warning: This Vashtie TV episode might be highly anticipated and simultaneously highly unanticipated.

This latest episode explores the world of Gravity Hydro-Colon Therapy, a procedure I started about five years ago. In the beginning, I went maybe a couple times a year, but now I’ve upgraded to monthly/weekly colonics with my go-to colon therapist, Jill Wais (hit him up at  JillWais@AOL.com if interested). It sounds extreme, but I find it quite restorative for my body. On top of that, there are lots of anti-aging, detoxifying, beautifying, cleansing and balancing benefits. I also feel energetic and restored after a colonic!

Some of you who follow me on INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT might already be in the know of my practices since I share the ins and outs of this procedure, literally! A lot of you are quite inquisitive about the process, while some of you question why I share this experience at all.

The reason why I like to share all my positive and life-changing experiences is because I hope that they could also benefit you on your path to greatness. I’m a kid from the hood, born to no-name and non-famous working class immigrant parents. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor was I educated in 95% of the things I have learned in my life now. Having said that, it’s all been a discovery of sorts for me and I want to share!

Since I couldn’t find a fun or informative video online that highlighted this experience, I decided to make my own.

Basically…it’s the flushing of water into your colon with one tube (inserted in your rectum by a colon therapist) to cleanse and flush out the colon. This process softens left-over feces and waste, which is released from another tube. During this process, your colon therapist massages your feet and your belly to soothe you and your body during the appointment.

According to Jill’s site:

“Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the safest ways of removing toxic waste from the body by cleansing the colon, which is where such waste accumulates. The process consists of infusing filtered warm water into the colon by means of a speculum. It is different from an enema in that colon hydrotherapy uses approximately 10 gallons of water rather than the 1-1.5 quarts used in an enema. . It is different from using laxatives because, although laxatives can accelerate evacuation, they do not cleanse in the same way. Laxatives may even irritate the colon.”

Reasons range, but most people who complain of the following have found lots of benefits from colonics; constipation, yeast infections, acne psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Not only are colonics helpful with preventing disease, they also help cleanse the liver and it’s major in an anti-aging because it helps get toxins out of your body. It’s said that disease starts in the gut and colonics are a good way to remove extra toxins and waste from the body.

Some people think colonics can aid in weight loss, but while you can lose a few pounds of weight in a single session because most people are walking around with 7-10 lbs of built-up waste in them – it’s not meant as a long-term weight loss tool. You can’t maintain an unhealthy lifestyle and do random healthy things here and there to heal yourself. It’s like putting a band-aid on a flesh wound and calling it a day. It’s really important to take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise etc.

People also ask me if it’s safe and I find it so. The procedure is done by a trained therapist and they use disposable equipment. It’s important to research the facility and therapist you plan on visiting.

Oh, and sometimes people try and tell me that we don’t need colonics because our body is naturally equipped to remove waste and while that is absolutely true…our bodies are also being fed overly-processed foods that are sometimes far from their natural state and it can build up in your body. Trust me, I eat super healthy and I get them once a week–and even then I see tons of waste still being washed out of me.

Some trained therapists would say once a month. I’ve also heard that getting a couple during a juice or detox fast is good since your body will be in a state of removing toxins and a colonic can help aid in that process.

Watch the video clip below:

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