DOIN’ IT WELL: Best Natural Deodorant That Won’t Make You Funky


I have been wearing natural deodorants of all kinds over the years, ultimately cursing the ones closest to me with funky pits. The products always start off hopeful but then end tragically before the end of the day. From Tom’s of Maine to Crystal Deodorant… they have all done me dirty — or funky, rather. Want to know what the BEST NATURAL DEODORANT IS? Trust me, I know!

This photo above is me in Times Square sometime last year. This is the kind of pose I would do throughout the day to avoid having innocent by-standers get a whiff of my body odor when my natural deodorant would inevitably fail me.

Anyways. Are you on the market for a healthy deodorant? Are you wondering why someone should need a “healthy” deodorant? Well, as someone who has been using natural deodorant since I was a teenager, I can tell you all about it.



Sweat is the body’s complex heating and cooling system. It is also said that sweating releases toxins from the body. Women have more sweat glands than men, but men produce more sweat. You have about two to four million sweat glands that look like this.

Cross section biomedical illustration of structure of skin

Sweating due to the heat, sweating because of exercise and sweating from stress are all different — chemically speaking. Stress sweat smells the worst. Smelly sweat is only produced by one of the two types of sweat glands called the apocrine glands, which are usually in areas with lots of hair, like the armpits, groin and scalp. The odor is the result of the bacteria that break down the sweat once it’s released onto your skin.



Anti-perspirants sell the idea that it will stop you from sweating, but actually the aluminum compounds in antiperspirants only effectively stop up the eccrine sweat glands. They do not stop odor, because sweat is actually nearly odorless. Foul smells come from the bacteria that break down one of two types of sweat on your skin. Deodorant is intended to six the bad odor (hence the name, “de-odorant”) and contains some antibacterial power to stop the stink before it starts.



When you understand that the human body is functioning properly and doing what all its jobs are supposed to, you start to see that the attempt to stop it from certain functions is maybe not the best decision. Trying to stop the sweat process by clogging important eccrine glands isn’t solving the funk problem, unless you have issues with sweat – even then, you can find healthier options. Although, it was believed that putting aluminum on your skin so close to your breasts could increase the risk of breast cancer, and that aluminum can also cause Alzheimer’s – those beliefs could possibly be untrue. Apparently, the aluminum actually doesn’t enter your blood stream. Your skin acts as a barrier and keeps any chemicals from entering your body. I, myself, like to play it safe either way and refuse to use anti-perspirant.

deodorant correct


I function off the belief and understanding that whatever you put on your body is the equivalent to what you put on it. Your skin is the largest organ outside your body and in my opinion, if you wouldn’t eat half the products you put on it – why put it on your skin? My lifestyle could be viewed as extreme and I understand that. It’s not for a lot of people, but if you are looking for healthier options here and there – healthy deodorant is a good option.

I battled with the transition of anti-perspirant to natural deodorant and spent years trying to perfect it. Having to re-apply throughout the day, to eventually – still being smelly. At some point I gave up and accepted my fate. I also felt like, this was natural. As much as society has been programmed to think otherwise and that fancy perfumes will make you more attractive – its the opposite. Our noses are meant to sniff out those natural odors to help us pick out our best potential mates and our body odors are our best fancy perfume for that. I wonder if a study could track all the failed marriages by lack of being able to REALLY smell who you thought your soulmate was!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.02.37 AM

A quote from a friend regarding me, my cool factor and my funk factor from 2008.


I learned years ago, that the reason my natural deodorants were failing was because the bacteria that creates the funk is being rolled onto the deodorant stick to sit there and multiply. Its why you don’t stick your germy, salivia covered fingers in peanut butter for it to rot the entire container. For that reason, deodorant is best as a spray.

The accumulation of bacteria. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background



Well, we as a society is probably not as smelly or sweaty as we are told. I have found – with my new deodorant, I only need to wear it like once a week – if that! The bacteria I had issues with, are no longer a problem for me. If sweat and bacteria are an issue for you, it could be potentially something internally going on that could be explored instead of trying to cover with a nicely scented band-aid. Maybe excessive sweat is due to an emotional or physical condition that could result in a terrible disease but we will never know because we are avoiding the culprit. Or that funky bacteria could be a result of a bad diet that is also giving you heart burn or IBS and could potentially, if continued to be overlooked, could become an ulcer or worse. Again, my thought process could be seen as insane and I realize that sometimes you just need that nicely scented band-aid because you still have to live your life. Believe me, I took the hard road – got caught out there and funked up my personal spaces. But when I learned to give up on what other people thought of it me, it eventually helped me in the overall of improving my health. Just saying, maybe worth giving it a try.



It’s called, PURE PITZ, and it is the ONLNY natural deodorant I swear by! And…it smells amazing and it’s so SUPER CONCENTRATED that you don’t even need to use it every day!


Pure Pitz™ is the clean answer to neutralizing body odor!

Certified organic and made from only the cleanest ingredients including aluminum-free baking soda, Pure Pitz™ is a soothing emollient with fresh, subtle fragrances of pure organic essential oils.

Preserved naturally, Pure Pitz™ comes in a BPA-free, eco-friendly plastic container and is the perfect size for travel and gym bags. The super-concentrated formula last 4 to 5 months for shaved armpits, and 1 to 2 months for hairier armpits.

Pure Pitz™ is simply safe and effective!


You can buy it directly from AMAZON.COM or if you can find it in your local health food store, buy it there to support your local business! It retails for around 16$, which is a lot – BUT, you don’t need it every day! I promise. I use mine like once every couple weeks! LITERALLY!

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