WATCH: Azealia Banks – “The Big Big Beat”


Many things can be said about controversial miss Azealia Banks, but what cannot be denied is her seemingly limitless vocal talents. She can rap, she can sing, and she can really sing…all in one track that is usually the most exquisite and unique beat with fire lyrics. I had long been a fan of hers when she was a budding young teen, performing through downtown hot spots. I even blogged about her here in 2009, before she exploded on the scene in 2011 with “212”. It was around then that my early blog love for her got me noticed by The New York Times who were writing a piece in the New York star!


Anyways – she is complicated, but all artists are to a degree – right? All I can say is that her latest track and music video which debuted yesterday really got me pumped to be in New York and on the verge of Summer. The song is very reminiscent of something you’d hear in an underground gay or house club in the 90’s and miss Banks is looking beyond fierce in her leather get-up and long long weave.

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