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So, the truth about me is that I never drank in high school or even at art school. There was no particular reason, I was just not that interested. In fact, I was straight edge until about 7 years ago when I started traveling the world. Having friends of many cultures offer me food and alcohol from their own table, I felt compelled and interested to try new and different things. I started to understand alcohol for it’s complexities and appreciate it for it’s ability to “let the good times roll”. Of course, drinking too much and too often isn’t always the best choice – which is why taking breaks from time to time is wise.

Va Kola, Moet-mosphere

I did 60 days sober right before my birthday on April 23rd and I have a lot of good TIPS & BENEFITS of taking a break from alcohol.

Before we get to that, this post is basically an invitation for you to join me on going sober from June 1st to the 21st – which is the first day of Summer. Hence, #SOBERSUMMERSIXTEEN!

What do you need?



Now, why should you try it?

YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! This little 21 day thing will show you JUST that! Whether you drink a little or a lot, experimenting in what you think you can and can’t do will surprise you. Seriously. Sometimes we tell ourselves that things are hard to do and then they are hard to do, but when you commit to something and see that it wasn’t that bad – you feel like you can conquer anything! And…YOU CAN!


GLOWING SKIN: Alcohol is a known diuretic (meaning it makes you pee more) and actually prevents your body from extracting water from urine in the kidneys. This means alcohol can dehydrate you, and dry skin can appear ashy or lusterless. Your skin, hair and entire body will thank you! Alcohol also tends to leave the skin puffy and dry from all the sugar. Taking a break will improve your already gorgeous face.


POSSIBLE WEIGHT LOSS: Your average alcoholic beverage is about 104 calories and if you’re drinking 3 a night, in a weekend of drinking you could be piling on as much as 1000 extra calories. Cutting those empty calories will probably result in some weight loss.


HEALTHIER BODY: Alcohol is technically a toxin and it’s acidic to the body. A highly acidic body is grounds for disease and infection. By alleviating extra toxins for the body, you might notice certain ailments (small or big) lessening. Things like acid reflux, eczema, insomnia, depression, allergies, dry skin, headaches, etc!


NO BAD DRUNK CHOICES: We all do it, so no need to feel guilty. Whether its eating bad foods, getting into a stupid fight or argument or sending a drunk text or two to someone you should probably not…you won’t do those things! Or, if you do, you’ll have better control over it all. How nice is that!


PRODUCTIVITY & FOCUS. Seriously, you’ll be able to accomplish much more. Especially without having the hangover effects the day after drinking. I excel so much more in work and play when I am present and get all my goals done faster.


After completion, maybe let’s see if anyone is down to join me to do the entire summer sober…say what?!


You can SO do this. And, if you need any support…Duh, like…hit me up! I’m here.

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