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T H E   S H O R T…

Name: Rodrigo Santiago Esparza ?

Nickname: Gogy (pronounced Joe-Jee)

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Born & Raised: Worcester, Massachusetts!!!!! My parents are from Ecuador

Currently Residing: Chinatown, NY

Five Favorite Things…

1. Making the best work + having those I look up to respect it.
2. Family Love
3. Being in Love
4. Living fast
5. A perfect day in New York— (Good Sleep, Long shower, go for a long run thru Times Square, Have an expensive coffee on the upper east side, write in my notebook, walk thru museums, look at nice clothes and people watch, smoke a lot of cigarettes, FaceTime my family, then go downtown, drink with my friends, go to every party downtown, then go clubbing in the heights n then eat chimis/fritura.)
Top 3 Favorite Albums or Songs:
1. Reasonable Doubt
2. Back to Life Acapella – Soul II Soul
3. I love the Dough – Biggie n Jay
What Does Instant Gratification Mean to You?
Oooooo, a quick fix. I’m scared of a quick fix, I know it won’t last.
Current Muse: I met this girl the other day and she was really special I got to take pictures of her in a bed of flowers .
Best Advice Ever Received… Put myself first
Best Advice You Can Give… Put urself first,  kiss everyone u love, count your blessings.
T H E   L O N G…
1. Tell us about your craft/vision as an artist and a barber. Are the two connected? If so, how?
I feel like a haircut has to have Flava…finesse!!! Layers, transitions. My work needs the same. Chapters, emotion, highs + lows.
2. Your latest project (book release & short film) titled “Protect Me From Myself”, touches a lot of topics. Can you explain the inspiration and themes involved?
I love ignorant things. I still really do, I always will. Im romantic with it.
I’m Latino and grew up in the hood.
 Since a boy I’ve been seduced—- by shiny things, cars, clothes, ladies. You know, what a lot of us identify with success. But that lifestyle comes at a price, and I always knew I wanted to be richer. I always knew I wanted the truth. But I’m one foot in, one foot out.
 The book + film show my conflict with all this; my obsessions and fantasies with sexuality and aspiration. Also the contradictions + hypocrisy we have as a culture, where we place our values.
3. How do you feel about this time frame – where we are constantly bombarded by illusion and vanity with the use of makeup contouring, butt injections, social media face swaps and photoshop filters.
We can’t really do nothing about it. Helps the real ones stand out more 🙂
4. How do you think technology has helped or hurt us; within life, relationships and creatively?
I hate girls, and girls I’m sure u hate guys who want to broadcast everything on IG or snapchat off the bat. It’s fake. Build with me on a real level before you start letting the world know. Certain intimiacy should be sacred.
5. What is your favorite piece from the book or short film and why?
I think the body of work as a whole tells the complete story I needed to share. To me it’s what I wanted front to back ❤️
*Gogy’s “Protect Me From Myself” show is running through May 15th, make sure to check it out while you still can*
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