(flashback 9/15/07) exhibit: CLAYTON PATTERSON

CLAYTON PATTERSON recently had an exhibit. the man is a living legend, a visual journalist of downtown new york city for over 20 years now. i was first introduced to him when i’d see him frequent lower east side events, camera in hand with a very unique self-made hat. this man has CAPTURED the downtown scene from the late 70’s to present, and the progression will leave you angry about how new york has lost it’s edge…over-populated with condo buildings and yuppies.

my friends DAN, BEN and JENNER did a documentary on his work (to be released) and it’s amazing. CLAYTON filmed the thompkins park riots with a video camera, recordning cops battering people up close and personal when video cameras were new technology. he put it best when he was on OPRAH some time, holding up his video camera…”LITTLE BROTHER IS WATCHING BIG BROTHER”.

*drug baggies. found everywhere on the streets back in the day. catalogued by type, date and name.

*embroidered one-of-a-kind pieces by CLAYTON. i need a hat.


*drag queens.

*CLATYON gave a name and a face to everyone in the LES.

*yeah coppers, that homeless man is so threatening in those sweatpants…i think you both need to pull out your guns to show him you mean business with that sears suit.

*DAN the MAN in his CLAYTON hat.

*KK and ME. i miss the big lug!



*KK and his portrait.

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