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NEWS: The Debut of House Party x Webster Hall (via Village Voice)

  As some of you may know, last Thursday was the kickoff of House Party at Webster Hall. House Party will be a weekly party at Webster Hall every Thursday with various artists from Just Blaze & DJ Soul to

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INVITE: House Party x Just Blaze x Electric Punanny x Vashtie & More (4.3.14)

Webster Hall is presenting “House Party,” which is set to launch next Thursday, April 3rd. House Party will take over Webster Hall every week from 10PM to 4AM and showcase a different style on each of the 4 floors. Make

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INTERVIEW: VFILES x TMI x “Vashtie & Oscar’s Social Boundaries” (VIDEO)

So excited to finally be featured in a VFILES x TMI INTERVIEW. Peep me and Oscar discussing “Social Boundaries” and “Bikini Pics”.

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INVITE: AfroPunk After Dark x 1992 x Hosted by Oscar & Vashtie x DJ Jasmine Solano, Melo-X & Huggy Bear

Come one, come all! 1992 will be partying with AfroPunk AfterDark in Brooklyn – our very first Brooklyn party (how exciting, but what a damn shame). Come through! Admission is free. 

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celebration: KID CUDI ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at THE JANE HOTEL NYC!!! (september 15th, 2009)

knowing celebrities and famous people in the midst of their fame is one thing, but witnessing a real friend go from an “unknown” to a well known famous musician is another. last night, new york came out to celebrate a

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*Q TIP taking over the drums of RICH HIL’s band, ELECTRIC LIMO LAND. *RICH HIL and ELECTRIC LIMO LAND. *MELANIE FIONA. *my FRIDAY night checklist always includes earplugs. ain’t nothing cute about waking up and having your ears ring. *i

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life: SOBE SUMMER FRIDAYS – miniature golf, food by HABANA CAFE, and more!

for the past week i’ve been battling a stomach flu which has given me a loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. it’s been no bueno, can you guys relate? anyways, FRIDAY i was forced out of my cave by the

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party pics: 7/3 OPEN PARTY at SANTOS with QTIP, RICH MEDINA and VA$HTIE…pre-independence day celebration!!!

while new yorkers fled the city for a change of scenery, us real new yorkers (aka, the ones who had no where to go) stayed and painted the town red…white and blue! *HARRY MCNALLY and me being very patriotic. *GREG

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(flashback 9/15/07) exhibit: CLAYTON PATTERSON

CLAYTON PATTERSON recently had an exhibit. the man is a living legend, a visual journalist of downtown new york city for over 20 years now. i was first introduced to him when i’d see him frequent lower east side events,

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party pics: 4/17 OPEN party with Q-TIP, VA$HTIE and RICH MEDINA at SANTOS…special guests CONSEQUENCE, DRAKE, QUEST LOVE and BEVERLY BOND!

another friday night at THE OPEN PARTY with me, Q TIP and RICH MEDINA. we had quest DJ’s RASHAD and QUEST LOVE. they kept us dancing all night. it was so hot in there, i can’t even begin to describe

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happy birthday: OSCAR!!!

my dear, sweet, lovely cousin OSCAR. words cannot explain how much i love this guy. we met in like 2001 and have been tighter than an Ed Hardy t shirt. he started dressing “90’s” way before anyone else was, years

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party pics: HOOD BY AIR x 1992 x KID CUDI performance!

tuesday night, after a long day of celebrations for our new PRESIDENT OBAMA…HOOD BY AIR released their CLASSICS line at the OAK SHOWROOM. the line featured everyday pieces with a slight touch of couture. it’s something a hood dude can

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party pics: 1992 x COOCHIFRITO x BPMW (an after-CAPSULE party)

*RAUL picked us up wearing a lion. *KK sent me a logo for my blackberry! *SABEL and OSCAR. *OSCAR, ANGELO, ME, CLAUDIA and GABY! *ELLE and RAFAEL RIOS. *DJ IRON LYON. *OSCAR, DREW and STEPHEN. *ELLE brought up the fact

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FOUND FOTO: post birthday party in VEGAS at my sweet suite at THE WYNN

found this photo and it made me laugh. this photo was taken in APRIL 2008 after my birthday party at THE WYNN’s BLUSH LOUNGE. after the party, we ran to my amazing suite and i jumped out of my MARC

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Last Monday at MR.WEST

i swear, it looks like i party everyday…but i really don’t. last week, SABEL and OSCAR invited me to hang at CHRISTIAN ALEXANDERS soiree on the west side. since i NEVER get to hang with them i went…earplugs in hand.

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FRIDAY morning, ELLE, OSCAR and I flew to CHICAGO (me and ELLE’s first time) to help celebrate MIKEY ROCK’s 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY! the flight was a bit delayed, but i was in good company with my friends…we had tons of

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Q TIP and THE COOL KIDS show and afterparty!!!

this show is a must. THE COOL KIDS rocked it and Q TIP killed it. he is such a legend. please see it if it comes to a city near you! *THE COOL KIDS put on an entertaining show as

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DEE & RICKY turn 21!

eeek. i remember when they were yay high and 16 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE DARLINGS! if you don’t know…they’re the adorable twins who revolutionized LEGO accessories and keep every party young and fun. they’re pieces were recently

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Q TIP release / ELECTION party 11/4…

a few weeks ago, Q TIP asked me to help with his release party (RENAISSANCE, go cop that) and Election Party. it played out perfectly…music by Q TIP and MARK RONSON and DJ SOUL, performance by KID CUDI, live streaming

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i’m a jaded american. i’ve been numb for years after witnessing horrors with the system in this country. of course, i LOVE this place and it’s people. no, we don’t suffer as badly as others around the world and at

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1992: 2 year anniversary with CIPHA SOUNDS, NEIL ARMSTRONG, DJ ELLE, KID CUDI…vogue show, bboy battle, giftbags, free fried chicken and photobooth!

wow, 2 years and running. i really didn’t expect this. thanks to everyone who supports, physically or spiritually 🙂 the party went down at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE on a SUNDAY night and the house was packed! check for more photos

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1992 – PHOTOSHOOT “class is back in session” with Rafael Rios.

OSCAR and i decided to go all the way with our “CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION THEME” for our flyer and upcoming party. i referenced my catholic school girl years (Kindergarten – 12th grade) and went with a classic plaid

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1992 BLOCK PARTY – Success!!!

if you missed it, here’s your recap. the block party was BUTTERS! yes. the illegal block party continued flawlessly! this super depressed super-intendent tried to rain on the parade and called the cops. after the second time the po-po came

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