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life: SOBE SUMMER FRIDAYS – miniature golf, food by HABANA CAFE, and more!

for the past week i’ve been battling a stomach flu which has given me a loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. it’s been no bueno, can you guys relate? anyways, FRIDAY i was forced out of my cave by the

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party pics: 2/25 IRAK and aNYthing “Black Flag and Wu Tang Party” music by SEMEN SPERM

*pre-party, ME and ELLE watching the NIKE RECESS FEDERATION league game, as YOUNG SCOOZLE dropped tre-bombs on ’em! ———— later, on ESSEX STREET at LUMPINAR, it was the beginning of what may be the resurgence of real-deal-holyfield downtown NYC parties

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rad video: RAUL VOGUING with a BANJEE WIG ON at my SUITE in LAS VEGAS!

haha, yes this is rad. this is one of the many reasons why i love RAUL. he just doesn’t care what you think about him, i mean he keeps it real. also, we’re both pigeon-toed. enjoy, i’ll be directing a

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a date with RAUL: dinner (SCHILLERS) and a show (MAXWELL).

i’m sure some of you may know about my amazing friend RAUL. he’s one half of the duo HOOD BY AIR and also a very very good friend. he just celebrated his birthday and what he asked for as a gift

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raul voguing in my VEGAS suite at THE WYNN: old post, but a goody!

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