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WATCH: Vashtie’s Showtime Show 3AM Episode Guide – Talks Tough Childhood, Breakups, Love & More!

ARVE Error: src mismatchurl: in: gen: comparisonurl: in: gen: Have you guys been watching my SHOWTIME SHOW 3AM?! Oh wow, it is such a wild ride. Between Internet Sensation Fat Jew, Slutty Photographer Kirill,

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LIFE: New Year’s Eve Dinner at The Odeon x Party at Westway x DJ Brenmar, SureShot & Huggy Bear

Brenmar & Vashtie (The Westway NYC, NYE ’14) New Year’s Eve in New York City is always dreaded yet welcomed for me. The start of a new year is always amazing, it represents a new year to get it right

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LIFE: Heineken Friends & Family Holiday Dinner x Hosted by Vashtie x #HKNFF (12.19.13)

Special thanks to Heineken and Team Epiphany for giving me a fancy shmancy 50 person dinner at the W Hotel in Union Square. Music was provided by DJ Clark Kent and Photography was taken by Mel D. Cole. It was

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LIFE: #Riquickulous Brand Jordan Party x Music by DJ Wonder, Vashtie & Surprise Performance by Pusha T (11.25.13)

  Photography by Dorothy Hong Over the weekend, Brand Jordan took over the massive basement of club Good Units (which is nestled below the Hudson Hotel on 58th Street) and turned it into a Hoop Dream…come to life. They created

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INTERVIEW: 11 NYC Tastemakers Dish on Their Go-To Male Grooming Spots x Written By Vashtie for Complex (Presented By Gillette)

Since I was a young girl, I’ve been intrigued by the male species. Aside from the obvious attraction, I was more fascinated by their masculinity, style, interests and mannerisms. Now that I’ve graduated to adulthood, that fascination has expanded into grooming. How a

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LIFE: Liming In Old Lyme – Dark & Stormy’s, A Thug Bug’s Life & Scott “Past Tense” Williams (2013)

We’ve been going to our friend Laura’s Country House in Old Lyme for the past few years now and every year we look forward to it like rain during a drought. As much as I hate leaving my city because

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LIFE: Surprise Birthday Celebration For Steve Nash + Studio Museum In Harlem Gala + I Met Chuck Close!!! (2.4.13)

I got invited to my first gala ever. Do you say it like “GAY-LUH” or “GAH-LUH” or “GAY-LAY?” Hahaha just kidding on the third variation. Anyways, Elle Clay was my date and we dressed to our personal 9’s. I say

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NEWS: TwoOneTwo.US Site Launch & Collaborations With Vashtie + Scott Williams, Angelo Baque, Baron Von Fancy, Aaron Bondaroff & More – Functional Art Objects & Clothing

Introducing TwoOneTwo.Us. A brand new brand by Bobby Waltzer that specializes in making functional art objects and clothing and collaborate with people whose aesthetic inclinations they admire. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?! Young Scoozle aka Scott Williams and I recently

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life: SOBE SUMMER FRIDAYS – miniature golf, food by HABANA CAFE, and more!

for the past week i’ve been battling a stomach flu which has given me a loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. it’s been no bueno, can you guys relate? anyways, FRIDAY i was forced out of my cave by the

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after, the BATTLE FOR THE CROWN EVENT i ran home to “spruce up”…which means, i splashed water on my tired face and drank a double espresso from my favorite cafe TARALUCCI AND VINO. it wasn’t easy on the tastebuds, but

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party pics: 7/3 OPEN PARTY at SANTOS with QTIP, RICH MEDINA and VA$HTIE…pre-independence day celebration!!!

while new yorkers fled the city for a change of scenery, us real new yorkers (aka, the ones who had no where to go) stayed and painted the town red…white and blue! *HARRY MCNALLY and me being very patriotic. *GREG

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life: NYLON + NIKE SPORTSWEAR partnership!

how wonderful, one of my all-time favorite magazines and sneaker brands collaborated!!! the kicks look amazing and the style suites both brands. last night i was invited to the release party and here is how it went… *REE and DICKY

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party pics: 6/26 THE OPEN PARTY WITH QTIP, RICH MEDINA and VA$HTIE – MICHAEL JACKSON music all night long!

it’s been a few days, but i know we are still sad about MJ’s passing. friday night, THE OPEN PARTY dedicated the sound waves to our recently departed “KING OF POP”. i think the best way to honor someone’s memory

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so, NIKE has a league where the cream of the crop come and play every week in a special league. since YOUNG SCOOZLE got drafted, the gang and i support hard body…dead ass. hmmm. we support hard ass dead bodies!

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party pics: 4/17 OPEN party with Q-TIP, VA$HTIE and RICH MEDINA at SANTOS…special guests CONSEQUENCE, DRAKE, QUEST LOVE and BEVERLY BOND!

another friday night at THE OPEN PARTY with me, Q TIP and RICH MEDINA. we had quest DJ’s RASHAD and QUEST LOVE. they kept us dancing all night. it was so hot in there, i can’t even begin to describe

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party pics: 3/6 OPEN with Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA! – Guest DJ SPINDERELLA!!!

*JONATHAN MANNION. *RICH and SPINDERELLA. *ELLE and SKY G. *GUNS N ROSES, ELLE, BILLY and ME. *IMANI and ROB’ERE – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! since i have to be at the club early, it can get a little boring. i try and

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