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Take a sneak peak into my fast-paced life and the beauty regimen that keeps up with my very busy lifestyle!

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party pics: 7/3 OPEN PARTY at SANTOS with QTIP, RICH MEDINA and VA$HTIE…pre-independence day celebration!!!

while new yorkers fled the city for a change of scenery, us real new yorkers (aka, the ones who had no where to go) stayed and painted the town red…white and blue! *HARRY MCNALLY and me being very patriotic. *GREG

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party pics: 4/17 OPEN party with Q-TIP, VA$HTIE and RICH MEDINA at SANTOS…special guests CONSEQUENCE, DRAKE, QUEST LOVE and BEVERLY BOND!

another friday night at THE OPEN PARTY with me, Q TIP and RICH MEDINA. we had quest DJ’s RASHAD and QUEST LOVE. they kept us dancing all night. it was so hot in there, i can’t even begin to describe

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party pics: 3/6 OPEN with Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA! – Guest DJ SPINDERELLA!!!

*JONATHAN MANNION. *RICH and SPINDERELLA. *ELLE and SKY G. *GUNS N ROSES, ELLE, BILLY and ME. *IMANI and ROB’ERE – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! since i have to be at the club early, it can get a little boring. i try and

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FOUND FOTO: post birthday party in VEGAS at my sweet suite at THE WYNN

found this photo and it made me laugh. this photo was taken in APRIL 2008 after my birthday party at THE WYNN’s BLUSH LOUNGE. after the party, we ran to my amazing suite and i jumped out of my MARC

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